Brisbane Bike Shop Help

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend their favourite road bike stores. I Need to buy a few things (shoes, pedals, new wheels, new cassette etc for an azzurri road bike i was given) but I am just getting into cycling really and don’t know which shops are really helpful. Sorry for the newbie question, but if I can find a local bike store that i can keep going to and feel good about it would really help me out.

Fusion in Newstead, Big range, good gguys.

Thanks man.

Expensive… You can hit me up at 99bikes in the valley, I’ll sort you out

He sure will - Buy a Merida, buy a Merida, buy a Merida :slight_smile:

yeah i can second fusion, top blokes, do everything they can to help. price might be a bit high though :S

99 is alright depending on which store you go to i guess.

Yeah I forgot about 99 Scott, they do have a bigger range of Lower price stuff
Just depends what you want to spend

What suburb are you in?

A good mate works at 99 in the valley (J. Walgers) so i can order stuff through him. But i was hoping there might be a few smaller bike stores where the crew actually care whats up, not just want to sell stuff. I don’t mind if it is a bit more expensive as i would rather support local shops (like gear but for roadbikes i guess).

Thanks though Scott!!!

Epic Cycles is an independent shop with a very good reputation,
Velo also has been around for a long time on it’s reputation again independent.
Fusion as Dayne mentioned also nice helpful staff
River City Cycles , independent again, excellent service.

Check them out for starters, you’ll be impressed and inspired to hand over your readies to them!!!

If you’re a dentist or need to know how rad the guy serving you is then oh to Velo
They do have a good range and a nice shop
All the ones pinball mentioned are good fusion are dudes

But if you can order cheap through a mate that’s what I would do C.R.E.A.M

well i hate to break it to you but all shops want to sell you stuff, but if you want to get ripped off by someone who tells you they give a shit when they dont, go nuts, you should only ever shop at MB cycles or Velo. happy hunting

Have you guys heard of a shop called wiggle?, they sell those FIXIE mash frames. Does anyone know what those big five spoke wheels are called? Im building up an old roadie into my first fixie

Scott I don’t want to get ripped off that’s why i was asking if there is a cool shop with nice dudes who care about cycling more than simply selling their stuff. If it is going to be 50 dollars more to buy from an independent store I don’t mind. It’s the same idea as going to IGA over Coles or Woolies duopoly. If it is going to be 300 dollars more than sure I won’t buy there. Like I would rather buy lights or a stem from Gear then off the net just to support local brisbane business.

If there isn’t a cool store I’ll just order the stuff from my 99 mate or the net… It would just be cool to get to know some people through a bike store so i can get a bit of a vibe for riding and what the crew in brisbane are like.

oh so you want to go to like the raddest shop, with the most awesome stock, with a dude that will just hang out for a few hours, come round and mow your lawns, buy you a coke, take you on a sunday morning ride tailored to your fitness and goals, throw you a tube when you flat and then wash your new wheels after said ride? i would have done that for you, every week for the next year, if only you’d come in and bought a reasonably priced cassette off me

Haha fire up Scott

Geez… man i just want to support local business… my parents have local business and they dig it when community supports them over bigger companies, im just trying to apply the same philosophy. I’d rather give my money to a store that needs it then a bigger store that doesn’t. I don’t know what the big deal is??? I don’t care about radness or best stock, i’d rather get less for my buck but support small business… I do that with anything though. Like i said i don’t like to shop at coles or wollies - same idea is applied here.

I think Scott is being facetious.

so i’d suggest, in all seriousness, that you do indeed follow your heart to your local shop.