Brisbane Bucks Party

Hey QLDers!

I am organising a bucks for my best mate and we have decided that Brisbane is the go. Now I have no idea about things to do up there and am hoping I can get some ideas from you folk.

The main event is a day out at the cricket on Friday 17th for the Australia v England match.

Apart from that I have no ideas at all. The bad thing is there will be 20 of us so getting into to bars isn’t going to be easy.

We also love Karaoke.


Only karaoke place I know in the bar/clubbing district is Wagaya, its a pretty fun place and the drinks are ridiculously cheap.

sorry mate, im busy that weekend. thanks anyways though :stuck_out_tongue:

there is nice azn/karaoke place called ben’s on annerly rd. good food, cheep booze, karaoke from bout 8- maybe 10?

I know there’s one up on the cnr of Caxton st?
So you arrive Friday?
There’s some good pubs near the gabba, but most bars up here suck,
I’d stick to our pubs and we had a ball at a bucks party doing clay target but it’s a bit of a drive and would mean maxi cabs.
There’s also indoor carting and heaps of golf courses.
Just depends what you guys are into

Oh and paintball is a bucks classic but again it’s a fair way out of town

Cabaret club in the valley, a bucks party must visit. Be sure to stock up on $5 notes before you arrive :wink:

A friend of mine is on first name basis with the Cabaret club ‘staff’

Arrive on Thursday sorry. That clay target shooting sounds rad.

We are a relatively sporty bunch. These guys are all into their custom cars (low riders, hotrods etc) but they aren’t bogans. Some like to ‘party’ a little too much.

You can get you drank on playing 18 holes of putt putt at Victoria park. Super close to the city/valley aswell.

Oh yeah sorry. There will be a few of us playing golf. Buck loves golf.

I hate golf.

I’ve always wanted to to a “Big Buck Hunter” Buck’s party, where the Buck dresses up as well, a Buck, and everyone else dresses as hunters and plays a big game of IRL “Big Buck Hunter” lasertag/paintball, with different levels etc.

this is some next level shit. just take it to the streets, maybe on bikes, shit would be hectic

go to dunda and get your culturality on

If you go to paintball up here as a buck they give you a fluro vest and its announced that your a buck and you are made to pay for it all day.
I did this at Samford paintball and my mate (the buck) copped it.

Friday 17th? What month? Jan 2014?

That’s plenty of time for antmandan to keg some kegs on… :wink:

Try these guys,
This is sporting clays and is in my opinion the most fun as it has multiple clays from lots of angles vs skeet or trap.

Yup - I have done this and been on both sides as the hunter and the ‘buck’ even though it was my 25th bday.

Basically the Buck dresses up in a fluffy rabbit suit and is given 3 minutes to scope the playing field to find a hiding place. They also game me a longer barrel which shoots faster/harder/further. This is fun to hold them off for a little bit and then they just surround you and unload.

Hahaha, so good.

Except I wanted this to be an actual IRL one where you play in an uncontrolled environment, like a park at night, or in the city on Boxing Day with Each dept. store being a level/mission with goals etc.

EDIT: laser-tag might be a FAR safer alternative without as many consequences, no one wants to finish their bucks party in the piss tank.

Surely there somewhere with sumo suits?!

just go to surfers paradise, buy drugs, leer at girls in bikini’s, get sunburnt and spend the night in the lockup with capsicum spray cologne.

that was a fat weekend.