Brisbane Thursday Night Ride Version 2.0

Start - Gear Brisbane

When - 6pm

Route - Alternates weekly

Finish - Archive Bar, West End

Won’t be able to make this week. I’ll be there next week though for sure.

Yes dude, Ill be there!

w00t i get thursday night off. in for this week… just a thought for the route planners, saw a flyer at uni today saying thursdays is students light at Brew Brothers. $3 beers and prizes on the night, no idea what else is goin on but wouldnt hurt to check it out mid ride or something?

Totally up for going past Brew Brothers. Also given that it is out my way I’d be happy to draw up the route. Can easily plan a 10-20km loop that takes us back past Brew Brothers. What do others think?

keen, any chance of cruising out bulimba way??

Totally what I was thinking. Go out and hit up to the top of the Gateway.

Rain or no rain we’ll be riding this week. Roll out 6:30.

If I can get a helmet and front brake organised i’ll try make it!

Yeah I’m pretty keen regardless of the weather. I’ve put a possible route together here. It’s a quick 25km circuit that will finish us off at Brew Brothers. If they are still open by the time we get there we should be able to sneak in a beer before kicking back down to West End for the regular shenanigans. This is just a suggestion though and I am happy to go somewhere else if people want.

Looks good antman.

couldn’t make it this evening. not even for a post-ride beer at archive. shattered from a busy day at work. onto my third gin…forecast for tomorrow…its gonna be ‘rooted’

Understandable Simon. We had a good one though. Hit out over the gateway via Southside and came back into town along Kingsford Smith Dve. I won the pool comp at Archive so it looks like beers are on me this Sunday at Polo!

I will be in Sydney this week. Mr Antmandan will take care of you all i am sure?!

Bang on Gypsy. See you all at Gear for a 6:30 roll-out this Thursday.

Bump bitches! Meeting up at 6pm outside of Gear for a 6:30pm roll out. Got a nice southern loop sorted for tonight. I’ll keep the pace relaxed, but have got some sprint points worked in for those that want to stretch their legs. As always finish at Archive for pool and beer.

Ride tomorow night! Same details as usual. We will finish at Archive post ride. Anyone who is keen we will then head onto Club 299 to see Johnson’s shit band MARATHON at about 8:30. Details…

thursday at 299 (sntich) in the valley mall with extortion, i exist and sx\vzd (sexwizard). doors at 8.30 i think and $12. 18+.

I’m in. I ride a goat (2nd sentence added to satisfy minimum 10 character post requirement)

I’m in. turkeys are way better than pink socks

im down… I’ll see your turkey and raise you a hoolahooping rainbow tie-died sasquatch who enjoys Tolstoy and tapdancing on balmy summer evenings