Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride

Any else doing this ride on a fixie?

whats a fixie?

I do believe other will ride it on their fixed gears.

depends on whether my razor scooter is back from the shop

I’ve heard that unicycles are going to be all the rage this year.

you’ve no idea how close I’ve come to buying one of them each and everytime I’m on ebay whilst intoxicated


-n8 will be doing it on a big black weapon that looks like it is designed to sodomize elderly overweight weekend warriors.

-me if i can be fucked forking out the $$$ will be doing it fixed

Anyone interested in making it a group ride on fixed?

^^ im assuming this would be possible, i know there was a few doing it last year

Yes, we’re doing it on fixeys with a group for a couple of years now, this year too probs.

Like dees.


he makes that look way too easy

wish i could youtube at work

will see how I feel, but at this stage I’m more inclined to take the tt rig out of convenience considering the ride home

would probably have to increase the gearing if I did it fixed cause 86gi was stil too low on some of the cracking sections last year

im down like a clown, i know a few other gc lads are keen to do it.
ill pack heat its a gc thing

I’m going - just gotta decide whether I ride 50/16 (82") or 48/16 (79"). I’d hate to be thuimping 82" into a strong Southerly. Last year I rode 48/17 (74") and found it a bit low on the flats with other riders around. I’m not a strong as Shirts.

soooo who is doing this? deadline for signup is today.

I’m signed up but will be doing it on a roadie.

i had/still have intentions of smashing down in the red category if anyone’s keen to join, otherwise i’ll probably roll down with everyone with a more casual setup. is anyone planning anything afterwards, or just ride home/train?

im training it up in the am and planning to meet erik at gear at 6:10 or so for the roll out, going off last year we cruised and took it easy linked up with other fixed gear enthusiasts and had a decent group by the end.