BSC mechanics

Are a fucking joke. Brunswick st store only, have had good experiences with the Elizabeth st shop and am yet to deal with the new store, but far out, the guys in yesterday were absolutely hopeless. I went in a simply asked for a new seatpost bolt. All of a sudden this guy has my seatpost out and has dissappeared out the back. 20 mins later he comes back and says “you need a 26.2 seatpost”. I tell him that’s what is in it, he looks at the marking and says ok". Then I tell him I just need a new seatpost bolt because mine is starting to bottom out. He takes the seatpost out the back, is gone for a while then comes back and says “we didn’t have any but I filed yours down for you”… I just took my bike and left at that stage, seatpost bolt is now rooted, what a fucking joke. Ugh.

While we were in there a guy came in and spoke to a different mechanic and asked to get some brake locks fitted. The mechanic goes “ohh, nah mate, we don’t do that on weekends”. The guy goes “but you always have before” to which he goes “nah, it’s just our policy mate”. Guy leaves pissed off. 5 mins later the manager comes out back and has a got at him for it, because it was about a 10 min job. “Oh y’know, you just don’t know how the day is going to go, I didn’t want to not be able to do it”. Manager was not happy.

These are the same guys who wonder why we buy tools and parts over the internet. :roll: (to the ultimate cost of the GOOD bike shop guys)

…is watching them…

alway said they were cunts


my thetans buzz at the sound of his name

You must have got them on a bad day.
Usually Brunswick St BSC is pretty good- Shane know’s his sh*t.
And Elizabeth St dudes are helpful too.

there are some bona fide assholes there. i’ve been burnt a bunch of times.

you gotta know which staff to ask. shane and chris at elizabeth st are both very good.

and they’re not above giving out discounts if you ask nicely.

I’d have to agree on this one (the dudes at the front of the shop are great!). I can’t speak for their mechanical skills because I usually do that shite on my own, though their communication and customer care is somewhere around the 10^-3 / 10 mark… (BS store only). If they don’t want to lower themselves to talking with lesser mortals then perhaps they should remove the counter from their workshop, and replace it with some kind of bad vibe disassociating anti emo plasma shield, or a brick wall…

On a more rainbow note, QV and Lizzy stores are putting out some good vibes!



You guys obviously don’t know the Xenuvian, secret code word.

Fuck, tell me about it, they’re all hopeless. One of the bitches out the front even called me “Mr. Stinky” one day (as I was covered in grease and smelled like de-greaser). I was like “Hey, fuck you” and walked out.

Elizabeth st store gives out the best vibes in the city, I reckons. The guys are always so friendly and on the ball.

Are they rilly clams!? Rilly!?

No wai!

edit: a friend of mine had a flat fixed at the Brunswick St store. They fixed the flat, sure … and caught the gear cable in the QR when they put the wheel back on. One hard yank on the cranks and it would have come out.

o/ o/ Oh it all makes work for the working man to do o/ o/

Maybe she was flirting and wanted you sexually? … and you burnt the poor lass…

:? must have changed hands then - last time I was in there the shop was all-but empty but I had to take my mastercard out of my wallet and hold it up in the air before I got any attention.

I ride, I race*, I spend. Implausible-looking riders have needs too :cry:

*Vets’ crits count.

finally im not alone with this opinion
went in there earlier this year to get a new chain put on and sized
next thing i know, uummmmmm ur actually running a really bad ratio
ur gonna need new cranks
ur back cog is too big
and we need to put some brakes on it
fuck it man don’t worry about it
now its abbortsford all the way

good thread

If you go there speak to Alex, hes really tall and rides a Steamroller and actually knows something about bikes. On the other hand you could just do things yourself.

Alex is overseas for seven weeks, so don’t go there looking for him till then.
Alex knows his stuff, I try and always deal through him when I’m buying parts other than the usual tyres and tubes.
The two times I have gone to the qv store the guys in there have been super helpful and eager to get me sorted…maybe even a little too excited.

Yeah QV store has been well helpful…they actually seem interested in what I’m doing and sorting me out. Elizabeth street is getting better, but used to be a tad unhelpful to say the least… :expressionless:


You manufacture your own seatpost bolts?

You manufacture your own seatpost bolts?

I think its fine to buy things there to help them buy a new ship, but for gods sake dont let them touch anything.