BTs in todays Age.

$25000, thats a spicey meatball!

couldn’t help but think, “man, imagine ripping down swanston st on that…”

is made from the same metal as Boeing jets


“The tyres are sewn into a material casing and then glued into the rims to maximise the amount of air that can be pumped into them”

Faaaaaaaaark, what will they think of next? Thats just crazy :evil:

I kind of feel sorry for Natalia Tsylinskaya as she’s probably thinking, ‘yeah I got myself the BT Stealth that Anna rides, so now I’m going to beat her!’ You can only imagine her heartbreak when she rocks up at Beijing and sees this new bloody BT bike that she’s never even heard of.
They should all just ride harder.

“There are no brakes and they’ve got fixed wheels — so if you pedal forwards you go forwards, if you pedal backwards you go backwards,” Meares said.

It’s like those crazy courier bikes!

drilled for brake?

You just couldn’t help yourself could you? :evil:

i tried, oh god i tried.

what’s a BT frameset worth?

These new models aren’t available to the broader market till after the Olympics, but the (we’ll have to say ‘older’ model) older model have been advertised on the bay for around 4k. Saying that there are some people who have got bargains for around 2k or something like that.

“There are no brakes and they’ve got fixed wheels — so if you pedal forwards you go forwards, if you pedal backwards you go backwards,” Meares said.

wow. so they paid extra for that?

Why didn’t she just say, “like a fixie” and be done with it.

‘‘Everything is working and that’s all I give a shit about,’’ Bayley said bluntly.

Never one to mince words, is Ryan.

Isn’t that what you and I call a ‘single’ (tubular)? Do they issue reporters with pre-charged clues nowadays?

Wise man once say -

‘Put two bikes against a wall and tell me which one is faster’

i don’t get why everyone is ripping on the article copy. of course it’s put into lay terms. it’s in the sports section of a mainstream paper. cycling may be a popular sport but track racing is a pretty obscure part of it. i’m sure all but the most dedicated cricket fan’s eyes would glaze over if they were going into the chemical composition of the latest turf fertiliser designed to improve the spin of the ball. same goes for the majority of cyclists.

i was quite disappointed after watching “the flying scotsman” because they barely touched on the technical aspects of his bike. I quickly realised that had they done that, it would be a pretty unapproachable film.

the part of the article i do have a problem with is the bit about the same metal as boeing jets. most high grade alu frames would be made of “aircraft grade” aluminium i’d imagine (well that’s what the marketing spiel says anyway). But the bike is made of carbon. it’s been a while since i’ve done chemistry but i didn’t think carbon fibre was at all metalic? i gather that the new boeing 787s are made of carbon. maybe “material” was the word they are looking for?

Harsh but funny

To be fair, that’s just the headline. Which probably wasn’t written by the article’s author anyway. The article mentions carbon fibre and ‘material’ but it doesn’t mention any metals.