Bullshit claims to fame.

Saw a coffee table book once entitled bullshit claims to fame.
e.g. “My cousin was Peter Garrets roommate once”

Figured I’d waste a boring Friday arvo seeing if anyone else has any.
I’ll start…

Once my dad brought me a mountain bike and the salesman told me that the bike before was sold to Michael Parkinson.

I told that story for years thinking it was genuinely interesting.


my ex girlfriend’s mum is the 2nd cousin of stephen fry.

i love your friday posts dude.

I was working in an auto book store (we sold workshop manuals etc.) Was chatting to my boss and he told me that a couple of years earlier Johnny Cash had come in and bought 4 or 5 Land Rover books. This checks out: JC owned Land Rovers.

So, my boss sold books to Johnny Cash.

Was browsing in Bleecker Bob’s Record Store in Melrose when Slash walked in, bumped me and said sorry.

One of Mckenny’s mate’s mums went out with one of the BeeGees when they lived in Brisbane.

I was in a pub in Brisbane once and Boony bumped into me and said sorry.
Then Warney bumped into me and said nothing. What a fuckwit.

i once sold jeans to one of the guys from oasis whilst liam swanned about like a twat.

i went to a party at paul van der ploeg’s place earlier this year.

I once told Noel Gallagher to not go to Melbourne cos it was full of cvnts.

my aunt was jimmy hendrix’s nurse when he died in hospital.

Anthony Kiedis once hit on my sister. He said, “hey there pretty girl”. Only he could get away with that (albeit, on that occasion, it didn’t work).

Lol. Ian Brown asked me for a drink and I obliged. Kinda regret that I did, but whatever.

I lent Tim Rogers a dollar to buy a Mars bar at the Doyalson RSL. Arsehole never paid me back.

I have punched Mikah Freeman from The Aston Shuffle in the head. To his credit, he has also punched me in the head.

I was lifted off the ground by Mal Meninga, when he was captain of the Raiders, as he was halfway through signing my arm when the hot air balloon he was in started taking off.

i hung out with ian mackaye for a bit.

So are these bullshit or not?

I once caught a plane to Japan with Matt Hensley.

mine’s legit. maybe it should just be ‘shit claims to fame’.

haha, was about to ask the same thing…