Bundy track is dead!

My third build, this is a 64cm frame which I am led to believe is a Hillman.
edit: since confirmed as a Bundy.

sick ride dude

looks fantastic.

what I wouldn’t do for a large frame like that…

how tall are you out of interest?

srsly yo, that thing is massive.

Thanks jooo, I’m 195cm or 6’5" on the old scale

It is massive, even I think it looks a little odd in the photos… but I’m sure other tall riders will agree that the effort of getting a frame that is actually the right size for you is worth it.

So many bike shop jocks try to sell you a size smaller than you need… just because they don’t have the big ones in stock.

I was riding the same frame in size 59cm for a couple of years but stepping up to this size is just such an improvement in comfort/perfomance/feel. Harder to skid though. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you stay on a saddle at that angle?

I notice that the 5th photo creates the illusory effect of a steep saddle angle, but I think the first photo shows only a moderate tilt. IMO, the higher the seat above the stem, the more your body has to lean forward, the greater the seat angle needs to be for a comfortable position.

To answer the question though: gravity, friction.

The first photo is not showing a moderate tilt. If you need to tilt your saddle that far to get comfortable, you need a different saddle. Your hands must be supporting an awful lot of your weight to stop you sliding off the front of the seat but whatever works for you …

I have found that it is more the height of my seat, rather than the angle of my seat which dictates how much weight is on my hands. However, I agree that the seat’s old shape doesn’t help the ergonomics of the situation: on longer rides I use a Specialised Taupe saddle which is at a much more ‘moderate’ tilt, but its white, butt ugly and unphotogenic! :sunglasses:

i made the same transition (from 59 to 64) and couldnt be happier.
much more comfortable.

what bars are on your bike?

it looks real nice.

i made the same transition (from 59 to 64) and couldnt be happier.
much more comfortable.

what bars are on your bike?

it looks real nice.

Another tall freak!
Cheers, Bars are Nitto B123AA

Nice bike. Like the turbo :lol:

Dam good! I’m 6’6" tall and cooped up on a 60cm paconi, I water it daily and it still wont grow.

Thanks to vee dubs for sale post I’ve finally been able to find out where my frame came from.
Vee dubs frame looked very similar so I headed out to Pete Bundy’s store and it was made by his old man Jim, circa '82. Closure.

With me for only 2 short but joy filled years, the life of my beautiful Bundy was cut short on Monday afternoon by a careless car driver.

Your spritely handling geometry made fast commutes thrilling; and your strong yet light and forgiving steel construction meant long weekend rambles were a pleasure. A trusty and elegant steed, you will be missed.


Pics will be back when insurance is sorted.


Holy shit, how did you pull up?


Not too well either.

Lets just say I’m very glad I was wearing my helmet.


That sucks.

Glad you’re okay(ish).