burn city urban aggregate.

nik cee and i were talking about this the other day…

you win an ‘urban’ type event, you score 10 points
2nd = 5 points
3rd = 3
4 = 1.

at the end of the year we’ll tally up the points and the winner is crowned burn city champion.


that means you will need sanctioned races. and a governing body.

or anything could count.

I won the commuter cup like 400 times this year.

Just another way to add scandal to alleycats… and you’d prob come second anyway? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Or kick and scream the loudest… :stuck_out_tongue:

in teachers college they call this ‘tactical ignoring’…

i figure that any event that

a) features on fixed.org.au

b) takes place in melbourne and

c) has placings

are sanctioned.

but i’d also be willing to contact people and ask them if they’d like their event included.

any other real feedback?

Too ‘type A’ and Darwinian for my liking.

And I suck at riding against the traffic, through red lights etc…

but rollers, now that’s different…mheh heh heh heh… :evil:

oh, roller racing would definitely count. and it happens every month!

i take this to mean you’ll be making an appearance at the east bruns tomorrow night?

Yup will be there tomorrow, possibly running slightly late from work.

what if i was in an non-fixed.org event
like the PokerRun?

so Fixed.org will be UCI?

what is the doping policy?

doping would be encouraged…

like i said, i’d be happy to contact any other events to see if they’d like to be part of it.

but hell, if it gets too hard, i’d just put it in the ‘good in theory’ basket and leave it there to die.

like communism.

Your ego is big enough, Bren. Let it go.


no thanks.

But if it were, I’d be mandating doping. I’d be setting minimums.

i’m not doing this because i think i’d win. i don’t think i would. here’s why:

i was talking to the roller racing handicapper last night and let’s just say there’s no way i could consistantly score the points there.

alleycats always have way too many variables


i’m supposed to be concentrating on the road season!

Like faster drunk people!!! mwahahaha

yeah, true. those twins have both schooled me on a number of occasions. not to mention ol’ mate TC…

so, just to reiterate… this idea is not about me, and more about what would be sweet for the melbourne ‘scene’. shall i go ahead and get it organized? is there support?

Stoner race with 7/11 checkpoints and longest time wins.

Im There.

i got yo back

Surely there’s enough competition as it is. Making the whole year into one big tournament makes it sound kind of unwelcoming. I like that you can come to whatever you feel like and not feel that by missing an event you’re missing out on something bigger.

I enjoy being competitive in alleycats, but I’m not a big fan of competition in general. It creates rivalries and removes fun. I’d rather just ride.

That said, I guess I can do just that; ride and have fun how I wanna, so go ahead (I’ll get caught up in this after a while anyway, I’m sure).