Bushranger 1100 . Newcastle. April 8 2017

Brad, who was one of the folk keeping cycling weird at SSWC is organising. Should be great.

I’m gonna attend

1100kms, but a Town every 100-150 and 30 odd pubs.

Edit: can a mod change the title to “bushranger 1100”

Nah leave it. Bushwanger is better. This looks sick though.


this does look good.


Buy some sweepy bars and a shitbox Shogun MTB and come along!

it’s too dangerous, i’ll end up at rays outdoors buying weight weenie sleeping mates and pillows and dozens of deep sea fishing lures.

actual fkn lolz

This looks great. Staying tuned as more info comes up.

Let’s go up on the train. It’ll be great. I can loan you some gear if you need it.

Mate, there’s your 1st mistake, you don’t buy unsealed touring gear at Rays’s

Yeh definitely go Anaconda, you can get a bike too

Cool! Let me think on it.

Barrington tops are bloody lovely. Tentative.

Awesome! Actually keen. Can we get some more girls please.

Pfffft. Why do you even pretend anymore?

I like to lift you up just so I can let you down again.

I think I went out with you when I was 19.

Hello flannel lords, given my cycling background is wearing matching kit and flogging myself at 50kmh and being beaten by 14 year olds on restricted gearing, I’m not sure how this stuff works. how long do people think this ride will take? How long are people factoring in? How many fishing lures will i need approximately to survive the bush? Any waterfalls on the way where I can shave my legs? Cheers handlebar bag lords!