Business networking- Cycling is the new golf

Get on the bike basically

Business networking: Cycling is the new golf | The Economist

How someone rides a bike can give you a real insight into what a person is like, says Jean-Jacques Lorraine, founding director of Morrow+Lorraine, a young architecture practice in London, and a regular participant of Cycle to Cannes. “Some riders are very single-minded, others more collaborative; some are tactical, others an open book. Some don’t mind being soloists whilst others prefer alliance and allegiance.” A day in the saddle, racing uphill and downhill, creates a bonding experience that endures. “If I walk into a meeting and somebody says ‘I’ve done Cycle to Cannes’ it’s a done deal really,” says Mr Murray.

The Economist is really on the pulse here. Similar stories have been running in the Aus dailies and financial press for years.
That article just looks like an ad for whatever ride the dick in the suit is promoting…

What if they walked into a meeting and said, “I just stem ballsed a whipskid?!”

What a load of crap.

You’re hired!

Bullshit. That’s so 2007. You’ll need to dismount and carry if you want a position here.

nah uh…you need to mention frame bags and camping

applicants must have beard.

…and canti’s.

cycling sux

prove it, in chart form.

Then you’ll get the poor guy who can only offer “I crushed my nuts on a top tube when I was seven which put me off riding bikes forever…is that enough?”

But hey, that article is a great ad for this Cycle to Cannes thing. And Rapha? Where do I get some of this credibility?

Best bit about riding down beach rd, and you can hear a few business types talking businessy things behind you, using your draft to chat. And then, gradually, you up the pace. Slowly, slowly, until both are breathing real hard and still talking pie charts, till one of them cracks.


So it’s you who’s ruining the economy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be mckenny.

I passed two guys up kinglake last Thursday that were discussing how one of them made 15k when it should’ve been 75k blah blah blah. they tried to hold my wheel briefly and the chat ceased shortly after that. then I dropped them. that was a good moment.

Then they went back to their yacht and drank moet?

I wouldn’t be boasting about riding 15k ! Pfft!!

lols, thats what I thought at first

nah nickj wasn’t there.

pie charts are for business-n00bz.