buy up in osaka?

hey, i found a fg shop in osaka (where literally everyone rides them (okay, maybe not literally) and can buy the following - NJS handles, stem (both 2nd hand), crank set (new), pedals and generic back cog, chain and grip (all new) for $330 AUD, wheel set for $300 (new) and, if i want to, a new custom built panasonic frame for $860 - as this will be my first fg, does this sound like the time to buy up or should I wait until i’m back in Aus? cheers

dooo it uppp. the handlebar/stem/crank/etc etc package sounds like quite a deal, and rene at (i think hes in osaka?) charges 1000-ish for new custom panasonic frames.

That price is pretty shit for a new frame, I remember looking on ebay for a frame before I got my farleigh…good condition 3renshos were going for $500 US, a brand new Nagasawa was like $700US, and I thought that was a massive rip off at the time! :oops: Now look at whats happened to prices. If fixies are popular and in demand in osaka you would think the prices aren’t going to be that great, you need a situation where there is lots of supply, and little demand.

Give it a year. :wink:

sound advice, what about converting my road bike to fixed? (mainly because i’m 6’4 and it fits a treat) - and i’m more talking about converting the frame (the back forks??) than getting a new, fandangled hub? or is that really the only way to do it?

:? :? :? You should definately not buy up anything in osaka.

nice one locmonster, not you ross, you sound like a dick.

you should do some research before you ask any question, like any of us we dont know anything about fixed gear but we read the sheldon’s site and

OK the rear fork = Track End or Horizontal Dropout

Find out what NJS means before you get NJS cerified products…

Excuse me for knowing what something is and knowing what something is like to ride before I spend a couple of thousand bucks purchasing it :lol:

Speedobulge , don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit to some genuine advice? Where’s spud when you need him? :evil:

He’s like Jesus - He’s ALWAYS there :slight_smile:

Trust me. US$700 for a Nagasawa is not a rip off. A Nagasawa is probably the best Keirin frame you can buy and is mostly a custom job, not some off the rack frame. A brand new one will set you back US$2800 at the least. 3Rensho is also up there with Nagasawa and therefore commands a higher used price. Frankly, US$500 is pretty cheap (even for used) considering that you’re getting a frame from a master builder.


Speedobulge, the price on that Panasonic frame is pretty good. I can’t really judge on the value of the other components since you don’t actually mention what they are (brand, model, etc). If I assume that the other components are of good quality, then you should be getting a bike for a very good price. However, it sounds like this is going to be a track bike and judging by your other posts, you’re looking for a fixed-gear to ride on the street? This may not be the bike that suits your riding requirements. It may seem like a very good deal but if the bike doesn’t work for you, it’s pretty much useless.


And YellowJersey got Panasonics for $1300 USD or so…

This was well over a year ago and I didn’t really know there was anything good about Japanese frames besides the sparkly paint :stuck_out_tongue: All those prices I mentioned were on ebay, they always had 3renshos, eimeis, panasonics etc for WELL under 1000. Now when I look on njsblog just for a look around, Im shocked that people are willing to pay $1500 or more for beat up frames with dents and scratches, that were fetching $500 or less not so long ago.

Well … not all Japanese/NJS frames are created equal. Just because a frame has a NJS symbol, doesn’t mean it’s of great quality. While I agree that prices for used NJS frames has increased alot (and not just in the last year, this has been happening for alot longer than that). Alot of that is just due to people buying into the NJS hype. Therefore, you get very inflated prices for lesser known NJS frames. However, when you’re talking about the really high-end stuff like Gan Well Pros, 3Renshos and Nagasawas, you have to take into consideration that these builders are considered master craftsmen in Japan and they build really beautiful frames. Also, Gan Well Pro and 3Rensho are no longer in production (death and severe injury respectively). How much would you pay for one of these frames, knowing that there’ll never be another one made?


I personally wouldn’t pay more than $500 for any frame, I don’t care who built it.
I use my bike as a commuter and a bit of fun, I don’t race elite japanese kierin, so therefore I do not require an NJS badge on my bike :sunglasses:

I don’t see the point of paying thousands of dollars just for a little badge that has no relevance to the riding most of us do, especially when you are building your first fixie, no guarentee you will even like riding it, probably bin it into a car at an intersection and snap the frame anyway. but everyone in osaka rides one so… :roll:

Show some love Ross.

not you ross, you sound like a dick.

Whoa! Easy Mr 3 posts, you ain’t makin any friends by shooting your mouth off so early. This guys only trying to help you, his information might not have been 100% accurate but you pull this shite?

(the back forks??)

You clearly have no idea you muppet.

Good luck riding your brakeless NJS to the coffee shop.