buying a 'complete' fixie

It is available next month in Melbourne. I might order one.

any ideas where the fuji is available in brisbane/?


Chancellor Cycles
Shop 8, 278 Nicklin Way
QLD, 4575
Ph: (07) 5493 6126
Yellow Jersey
122 Glebe Rd
QLD, 4304
Ph: (07) 3281-0055

Zillmere Cycles
433 Zillmere Rd
QLD, 4034
Ph: (07) 3265-6040 WESTERN AUSTRALIA

the fuji is ok. one of the guys here in brisbane uses one for work.
not brilliant, not bad, ok.
i have a redline 925 that i’m not seriously considering selling, but i might cause i never use it.
redline 9.2.5 frame and fork. ultegra cranks, mavic open pro rims on miche primato sealed hubs, bull horns, pro stem, seat post and sealed headset, selle slr saddle. good nick, compact 58, which fits about 55 really.
not really sure how much i’d want for it, but it’s a better bike than the fuji all over and i wouldn’t mind seeing it go to someone who’d use and abuse it.
or i could do the same bike with cpx33 rims and miche primato hubs.


oh no not another bike !!!, hehehhehe

what happened to the conversion?

any of you guys tried the white industries eno hub?, seriously considering one and get a cheap roadie and covert it into a single speed or fixie…

i was thinking if i really need a track frame ( considering how much a track frame is selling on ebay nowadays) since i wont be using it on track anyways. so a road frame with the eno hub would do…

Look for the recent thread about ENOs. Short answer = they’re fantastic hubs, but a bit pricey.

If you get a steel frame with long dropouts you don’t need an eccentric hub. You can either space a track hub to fit the frame (usually either 126mm or 130mm) or respace the frame to 120mm to fit track wheels, which is what I’ve done several times. That tends to be easier. A lot of track hubs don’t have enough axle to space out to 130mm.

:expressionless:Keep away from Fuji and Allegro cheap usually means really cheap, especially with the Fuji.

Track bikes like that are cheap cause the components are low quality, you would probably find after the first rainy day your bottom bracket would be saying farewell.

Its more than likely the wheel hubs don’t have very good bearings and the spokes won’t be stainless steel and rust out quickly.

Cheap new track bikes are only made for exactly what they say they are for track, most people that buy buy them for the frame and then build em up with decent components.

You may be better off with a Surly Steam Roller they are a good commuter single speed are built for that purpose and would probably be less twitchy than a track specific rig. Check out the Dirt Works website :mrgreen:

I got myself an out of the box 59cm Jamis Sputnik for my birthday just last week. 631 steel frame, EC70 carbon fork, formula front and rear fixed/fixed hub and a truvativ touro 130BCD crank.

Quite nice and light for a large bike, only 7.7kilos including pedals. Big gear though, 48x15 for 86". Cost me about $1000.

I just picked up a fuji on ebay. It isnt for me to ride but it seems good for the price and for its purpose. The thread on the fixed side of the flip/flop hub turned out to be poorly made. So the sproket didnt sit quite straight. Although Im sure they dont all come from the factory that way.
Formula hubs, stainles steal spokes, butted cro-mo frame. Average cranks, chain, headeset. Ive got no idea what the bottom bracket is.
Pretty good for a commuter. And I can always upgrade the bit when they die or I find good second hand deals.

How about an SE Lager?

Never 'eard of them before (the Lager that is, not SE),

But the read about them here:

I saw one this morning. Pretty ordinary parts but I guess you get what you pay for.

SE’s tend to have really narrow seatposts too, like 25mm or 26mm, which could be difficult to replace.

That Fuji sounds like I bike I once had :slight_smile:

Its now got a loverly old italian saddle I re-upholstered in blue suede.
And a flat bar.

25.4mm seatpost? they are a bmx company, so i’d assume they would run a bmx sized post.

This project has lay dormant for quite a while, but since hte tax man was very generous this year it may be back on the cards. steamroller is looking very tempting.
dont hold you breath though!

OK I looked it up, the Lager has a 26.0mm seatpost. Other SE models vary.

Despite looking a bit cheap (well, actually being quite cheap too), the Lager does seem to get good reviews, if you believe what you read on the web.

i pick up a surly steamroller tomorrow morning! :mrgreen: