BV's annual terrible light roundup

Lights test 2014 – the top 100 lights | Ride On

Great, now even more arseholes are going to be blinding drivers, peds & riders alike with the dealextreme/fyxo light.

Time to get a pair of these

for the daily commute

At what point can we classify BV as a terrorist organisation?

That ‘Moon Mask’ light looks like a massive cheap piece of shit.

looks are deceiving.

They spent as much time stereotyping people who ride bikes as they did testing the lights.

nah, moon lights are fucking awesome.

what’s the best comparable to BV’s blakey approved front ones at the moment? something for the gardiners creek trail (every poorly planned bike path in melbourne) at 8pm (ie pitch black and narrow /sharp bends)

hmmm, I read the comments :frowning:
peeps advocating the use of helmet mounted lights for commuting arghhhh. yes you can look away to keep the light out of peoples eyes but you can also stare directly into the eyes of on coming bike path users to give their retinas the full benefit of all those lumens. capped light on the bars or lower aimed correctly: no possibility of blinding, unless you pop a mono (which i have done to on coming 'king bright users)

imma start a kickstarter for stylish urban cycling commuter welding goggles.

footscray road path traffic is pretty much one way which is the only saving grace here

p.s. got a moon shield rear that goes OK although use of the rapid flashing mode should probably carry criminal charges

Got one of these Blakey approved lights:

Bike24 - Busch + Müller IXON Core LED Front Light

The beam is good for riding in the dark with a bit of pace, it’s light weight, and it’s pretty cheap. I haven’t used it consistently; I run a dyno run Cyo on my everyday bike, but it’s good. The beam isn’t quite as wide as the standard (old) Cyo. The mount is shithouse. I’ll need to modify it somehow to keep it from rotating forward.

riding was later than normal last night along some mixed-use paths. was quite happy my light illuminated the walkers from the waist down, you could see the crispness of the cut-off on their bodies. also, when riding behind someone with a 'king bright equivalent, seeing all the overhead branches light up then go to black one-by-one as they passed underneath.


some old tube round the bars would be a start, maybe some stronger/smaller o-rings for a tighter grip.

Yeah, these will be what I try first. The point is to be able to swap it between bikes easily though, so will try tighter O-rings first or something similar first.

I tried to read the article and I think I’m even stupider than I was before.

@ LAM cyo premium has a nice wide beam which i found pretty good on some twisty unlit bike paths recently (still had to slow down a bit but not the end of the world for commuting) my normal commute is mostly straight and brightly lite footscray road path

This is a dyno light so not sure if that helps but a battery light that claims to have a similar beam should be a good bet

It’s got allen screws on the front, so it must be good!

yeah none of that Torx rubbish :stuck_out_tongue:

^---- not approved for beardo, double racked, #steelisreal commuting goodness:

In the land of bier and currywurst at least

german StVZO approved only for road bikes up to 11kg

Just putting it out there, but why should anyone in Australia care whether a light is StVZO compliant or not? I mean, what’s the point of complying when everyone else is burning the motorists retinas?

Not a matter of complying to anything except a better (more focused) beam.
The beam on my dyno light is awesome, shits all over the million lumen piece of crap I use for non-city riding in every facet except sheer brightness.

I didn’t realise they had a standard till my German friend told me a couple of weeks ago. It’ll never catch on here…