caad 10

I’m on the hunt for a nice riding roadie. Mostly social weekend rides, and the odd charity ride, no real racing. Budget of around $2k the caad10 has caught my eye in a big way. Short test ride it rolls nice, the bike snob in me says nice ally > cheap carbon. Any reasons why I shouldn’t go for one?


Go for it! I will have to sell my full carbon road bike towards the end of the year to help fund a holiday and when I get back a CAAD 10 will be the first thing I buy.

There is allot of good deals going around at the moment for 2012 stock

Nice Ally > Cheep carbon

Should also ask about sizing. Size wise i sit somewhere between a 50 or a 52. Better off slightly smaller with a longer stem or slightly larger with a shorter stem?

CAAD9&10s are great by all reports. If you’re between sizes, go down and run a longer stem, if only for PROness. (but serious, will handle better with more weight over the front wheel).

Most people run the Cannondales a size smaller than normal,
Also check out the super six Buy SuperSix 5 105, Cannondale, Road Bike for Sale in Woolloongabba, QLD

Cell also has these that look good value for money.Jamis Xenith Pro

do it, they are a little long in the TT so like everyone else has said, size down. You’ll also get more compliance/smoother ride out of the longer seatpost

I’m 181cm and ride a 56 CAAD9, love it.

EDIT: also keep your eyes on Specialized over the next season or two as they try to take a little ground back on the Alloy road bike from Cannondale.

This^ the new allez stuff is looking real good, Hopefully the pricing will mean a better group and wheels on an alloy frame for the same dollars as lower spec carbon.

^^ As Sime mentioned. the CAAD frames aren’t just as good as cheap carbon, they are generally better than all but the top carbon frames.

Fit wise, always go down. not only is it smarter for bike handling, it’s a scientific fact longer stems are pro.

Yes, the CAAD / Allez battle is shaping up to bring alloy back into the game big time. These bikes could wrestle back the “budget race bike” from carbon.

Thanks for the links dayne, thats starting to creep over my budget.

Glad to know my gut feeling about good alloys>crabon was right.

Cheers all for the sizing advice.

With any luck I’ll have my first roadie in the next few weeks.

+1 For the CAAD
My first proper race bike was a CAAD8 - It’s on its 3rd iteration now (6600 Ultegra, then 7900 DA, now it’s a hoopty with MTB parts). I’ll proably be bringing it back with a new rival/6700 group as I’m not yet ready to buy a real nice race bike.

There’s not a heap of difference between the generations, they just keep making them better. A CAAD with decent wheels will kick the arse out of all but the best carbons

and here comes Specialized’s 2013 alloy cat amongst the pigeons…

Newly redesigned Allez E5 Alloy frame (same geo as the Tarmac), Rival w/apex front mech, SLK’s (for OSBB), full carbon Tarmac fork with tapered steerer, Turbo Pro tyres, Toupe Saddle, DT Axis 4.0 wheelset.

for the RRP of $2499, that is a banger of a bike and it looks pretty badass in black

what do you guys mean when you say ‘cheap’ carbon? we talkng china carbon frames or entry level carbon? ie BMC SL01s etc.

Your Giant TCR composite things, Trek Madone 3 series frames etc.

Just been googling this myself. The link below is a good read, essentially there is different grades of carbon fibres. The different grades have different tensile strengths among other things, the grade of carbon + a good procedure for moulding/laying the sheets makes a nice riding bike that is light. (from my shitty understanding so please correct me if I’m wrong) With cheap carbon frames alot less care/time is taken during the build, the grade/level of carbon is alot lower which results in a bone jarring ride on a frame that isn’t really all that much lighter than a cheap alloy frame.

Carbon fiber technology for bicycle frame manufacture

ah but you forget you can then look down on all the poor plebs who ‘arent riding carbon yet’… despite the fact a good alloy frame would be a far better spend of your $$s.

Pretty much if it’s not hi mod in 2012/13 it’s cheap carbon.
So in specialized that’s the s works range and in cannondale it’s the evo range.

Standard lay ups with 3k 12k weave are pretty much old tech.

Himod uni directional (ud) is the good gear.

What makes the new alloy so good is the use of modern technology,
Things like osbb, tapered steerer’s and great design.

The ww forum has a big love for alloy frames like the Allez and caad10.

it’s not JUST about modulus of carbon. it isn’t THAT simple.

my original Super Six is still one of the better carbon frames i’ve ridden. balanced stiffness, good ride quality and light.

As for bundling things into good/bad. Name does not = good. not being an S Works/Evo does not = bad. Made in China does NOT = bad
it’s about construction technique, application of those techniques and finish quality of the product AS WELL as the materials.

You can’t simplify it that easily, and that’s why there are so many people riding crap carbon, because it has been. Hi Mod does not equal good, and it sure as hell doesn’t always equal good for a long time (both you riding, and life of the frame)

The reason i would go the CAAD over the E5? Cannondale are THE aluminium guys. their design is a development you can see back from the old CAADs of the late 90’s. tweaked, developed, and tested. The E5 is trying to get into that market with an entirely new bike and apparent new technology (i’m not buying into the marketing jargon on this)

ps. i have nothing to gain, no association with Cannondale. just have ridden most of them, and love them.

FWIW, my 92 C’dale roadie (with carbon fork upgrade and 10 speed Campag) is a pleasure to ride. Add 20 years of development onto that and you’re gonna have some sweet sweet bikes.

I never said a set brand was bad,
But I stand by my comment that hi mod and ud creates a better product, that is fact.
Does it triumph design? No but when both things are equal you get a great product,
Jase asked of cheaper models in brands range are cheap carbon this is true.
Unless your buying high end carbon your getting a inferior product and this is when alloy is better.