Camp Food

What do you guys usually cook when camping/touring etc. Do you gather items during the day or do you pack a select collection of planed meals?

I found a recipe list on the MSR website that contains some pretty handy recipes.

mi goreng, stuff bush gourmet

how do you keep your eggs fresh though?

Uncooked eggs last for ages. I used to use a plastic egg holder, but I’ve found that just sticking them on top of the bag in the cardboard thing they come in results in less breakage.

But if I was out on an adventure with Sarah Wilson - the beautiful sun god with photoshopped skin and rich girl hair, that kind of packet food won’t do the job.

I am guessing oats, peanut butter etc feature heavily when camping?

Sarah Wilson will love you forever if you take her riding all day and then feed her mi goreng and eggs. Best thing ever.

Is this helpful? I think I’m getting carried away.

No, this is amazing. I am a visual person.

Mix them together in a bag before you leave. Smother in this once cooked:

I’ve only had dry food for my breakfast/dinner on my bike touring trips…

Buy a protein shake bottle from Woolworths for $5… take the ball wisk thing and use in combo with yr camp mug.
Make mixture in ziplock bag containing protein powder, milk powder, chia seed etc etc

Also w/ same camp mug you can make instant oatmeal w/ oats, milk powder, chia seed, dried fruit, almonds etc. Mix w/ water, leave overnight and have for breakfast. User DICE has a good recipe for this - but there are plenty of resources on the net.
E: WCP you beat me to it!

If you’re feeling a bit more luxurious then buy like 5x creamed rice ey. Swear by that stuff.

Cook up. Add salt at the end. Serve with India Gate 2yr old Basmati (rinse if you have enough water, fill with water until about 1.5cm above rice, bring to boil with lid on, remove from heat and insulate; do not remove lid, cook dahl, serve together).

Ahhh, the creamed rice is a good one. Having done 20+ 24hr mtb races, these were my staple after each lap.

Haha, what the fuck.

Ha! Didn’t even read it, just wanted a pic that said Bay Leaves on it. That’s crazy (goes and puts bay leaves in each corner of the room).

FTFY - It is the touring section.

Now, do Revelate make mojo bags?

This was always the first thing to go from my army ration packs

Ramen style noodles that make a soup give the perception of a larger/more filling meal. These ones are nice.

If you’re inventive you can get so much done stoveless. tbh I only bring mine along for shits and gigs as I’m never out for more than a day or two.