Canberra has a new/updated MTB park

Majura Pines has officially reopened! If you are able to get to canberra to ride it - I highly recommend it! The trails are super groomed and a lot of fun. Check out the video from Flow MTB.

[video]Must-Ride: Majura Pines, ACT - YouTube

Was in CBR on Saturday (very briefly) and my sisters’ partner mentioned he had ridden it that morning.

Definitely bringing a bike the next time I come!

Yep it’s good, I ride it often these days cos it’s close to my house.

Some parts still need a bit of water and tampering for the trail to settle.

TC: I did my 1st DH race at Majura about 15 years ago - knocked myself out doing the creek gap in my race run because my too-big-for-me-borrowed-fullface slipped over my eyes just as I hit the jump.


There’s a creek jump there I’ve been aching to hit on my hardtail but haven’t had the guts.

I have raced both xc and dh at Majura. My best memory would have to be when I was coming 2nd in the xc race, gaining on first when I suddenly ended up over the bars. I found a pine cone wedged in between the brake pad and rim. I couldn’t get it out and I ended up with a DNF. It took pliers to dislodge it.

DH racing, I scorpioned in front of the small crowd watching that day. Great for confidence.

I’ve done it. Piss easy. Nobrakes too. Sick!

Hahahaha… Well placed pine cone. Was so funny…

Just rode these trails - holy shit, they are the best trails I have ridden in a long time. So much stoke to be had.

I rode the kids trails. Once at dickhead speed… Those little guys really learn quickly with the whole “track” thing. Going back tomorrow. I put gears on today. And a saddlebag.