Canberra Rides

I’m going to start posting up rides that are happening in our fine capital.

Let me know here if you want to come, I will be heading off at 5 past the allotted time if no-one turns up.

Feel free to post up rides as well.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 9th we have: rookie-ish mountain biking at Sparrow Hill. meet at the carpark at 1:30pm for a ~20km loop

Also 6pm road ride leaving from outside Lonsdale St Traders. Ride at your pace and we will wait at hills etc. you won’t be dropped.

Approx 40km, may tack on A little extra if people are keen, Lycra recommended

Sunday 10th? I will try to head over for the road ride… But depends on how the kids treat me.
Great to see this up. Thanks

At this stage I am in. Got some hockey to watch (Leafs v Habs!! ) then should be all good to smash out some road shit.

Yeah 10th sorry, today.

Good stuff dudes, should be a good ride

Hanging with the kids. Have a good ride guys…

I’m gonna 5 mIn late to my own party…

Didn’t end up making it to the ride yesterday, too many silly college events going in. I should be a bit more settled next time round though. I’m very keen for someone to show me some nice road rides as I don’t really have any idea where to start.

No probs man,

We got pretty wet, but was a good ride
I’m out of town for a week, but will be riding plenty when I get back.

I’ll let you know so you can come for a spin. What bikes did you end up with? I ride road and MTB at the moment and we are looking to see if there is interest for CX

Cotter/Urriara loop - There are only a couple of turns that you need to take once you get to THE BIG CORNER at stromlo forest park. There are hundreds of cyclists hitting it every weekend so you could just follow a bunch heading south from Civic and you’ll probably end up on it.

Old Federal highway to lake george out and back.
Again, just get on the back of any roadie train leaving civic, this time headed north on northbourne. Most will be doing this ride. Only one turn to take each way! Another wonderful road ride in Canberra.

Those two are where to start if you are keen to get out and go solo. I’m sorry that I almost never ride road any more, and if i do, its pre-work. You still on your cannondale?

If you want bunches:

Theyre a tri-club, but, Bilbys. Wed mornings from dickson pool, i htink, 6am. Two or three groups depending on how quick youre feeling. They are just nice people who can properly hammer when enticed. Lack the ego and pose factor of road cyclists. Be prepared to die trying to draft someone on aerobars (actually, there might be a rule against that… not sure).

I think every morning of the week there is a group of serious gents leaving the bikeshed phillip at 6 (i think). This is what people refer to as the bakery bunch. If you love cranking in big bunches a la tour de burbs in melb, this is a nice ride. I think the hour-of-power is on tuesdays (someone jump in if i’m wrong) and its common to get up close with riders from telly on it. Its a canberra specialty in winter… 50kph at -6c over scrivener will really test your gloves.

Edit: Whats your timetable at uni like? I’m not sure if its the sort of thing that uni kids do, but are you keen on lunchtime black mountain reps? I am usually out there once a week, do 3 or so, then head back to work. PM me your number if you’re keen! Alos, goes for anyone else in Canberra… black mountain reps at lunch, lets do it! When you have your mtb, I am on bruce ridge a couple of lunches a week usually, too… all 10mins from your uni.

Awesome, I’ll either do lake george tonight or there is a group run going up ainslie if I feel like being social.
Yeah I’m still on my Caad10, it’s great. At the moment I have a street/flat bmx with me which I’ve actually been using a tonne to whiz around on (man this place is small!). I have a half finished cross bike that is actually my partner’s but it fits me as well. Really really keen to buy a mountain bike, any ideas on where I should start? Also What is the best bike store, I need to get some work done that I don’t have the tools for.

Thanks guys!

So I’m thinking of coming down on the 1st of march riding East Kowan or Stromolo staying the night then riding the other on Saturday before heading home. Anyone got a shower and a backyard to sleep in? I’ll wine and dine you on the Friday.

I will check with the wife tonight to make sure we don’t have anything on - if not, you can stay at mine and I will take you for a tour around Stromlo after I finish work (5ish), then head out to Kowen/Sparrow on Sat morning for a hit out.


Canberra Shops for looking at buying a new MTB:

Onya Bike in the Canberra City. I only recommend them because they are very active in the MTB community. Sponsoring races etc. They stock Giants though which is the down side. If you let me know what sort of budget you have and the riding you have in mind I can recommend alternatives.

I have never had a transaction with them, but Bike Culture is another shop that comes to mind.

Or if you are confident buying online. <— awesome bang for buck

For bike tinkering - Go see Callahan Bicycles in Braddon

For buying second hand, I check a lot. has classifieds, as does the vikings website, though I’m not sure of the site address. New, I guess you know the ins and outs!
Everyone has a favourite bike store, and mine is Monkey Wrench in Hackett. There are plenty. Are you living on campus?

Ezy, you close enough to city for BM reps at lunch? You’re southside but close in?

You can stay at mine if the Ezy Lodge is out.

Unfortunately working fri-sat

It would have to be a lunch where I can get away for an hour and a half - which isn’t often. Red Hill reps is easy to do, I am up there a fair bit on the MTB.

Actually staying at fenner so near the top of lonsdale in braddon. Going to do some ainslie repeats in a bit. Also desperately looking for a job in a bike store (worked in a bike store in melbourne) so have got all my resumes ready and will try to hand them out tomorrow.
I had a squiz through those websites but no luck
I have MAXIMUM 2000 to spend if something awesome pops up but would really like to keep it arund 1500 or under.
I want to pretty much ride trail/AM but more on the trail side. Wouldn’t want more than 140mm travel though at the moment I feel like getting a steel hardtail with 100-120 mm travel seems like the most sensible option for me, I’m 180 cm tall.

Something like this would be perfect! - its what I ride when it is working (busted wheels after I upgraded them. The old wheels have been running strong on my singlespeed)

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Mountain Bike | eBay

Aeons, I take it you are starting at ANU? they have a Cycling Club which seems to have gotten its act together in the last couple of months. I’ve been keeping an eye on their facebook page and it seems they have a few bunch rides a week, and they have a presence at the Canberra Cycling Club crits each week. I might join myself in fact.

To clarify the Bakery Bunch stuff from earlier, the Bakery Bunch is just on saturdays and ends up being a northside ride (I meet them at Commonwealth Ave Bridge at 6.45). But as far as I know they still do a ride on tuesday (very fast, lots of sprints) and wednesday (bit easier except some short hills and a final sprint/race).

Also I might come along for morning Black Mountains during the week if they happen.

Yeah I’m at ANU.
I just rode up to the top of Ainsley for a quick jaunt, It was really beautiful! There was even a KOM line marked at the top…
I’ll join the ANU cycling club and see how I go, not sure I want to get back into racing at this point. We shall see. Thanks for all your help guys, seem to be sorted on the road side of things but need to get on the dirt!

p.s. what do you guys think of this

though now after looking at it I’m not sure I can fit a hanger…

or this