Canberra Rides

The giant is a lotta bike for this area… SC is rad but may be a bit small for you as an xc bike? Grab a highball alloy! I reckon you could get one built for under 2k for sure.

Not sure about getting a 9er for my first mtb (I’ve ridden in whistler/squamish/scotland but never actually owned one). Guess I’ll head into Onya and get chatting. Still hoping that a suitable bike will just appear in the classifieds.

Just got offered one of these brand new for 1600
not sure about apollo but good running kit.

I am with you on the 29ers. Especially with you coming from a bmx backround. I’m telling you - that stumpy is legit!

Definitely keen on these Sunday rides if work permits!
Also, I’m third year ANU, so Aeons if you feel a bit lost/just keen for a chat, send us a PM and come say hi!

Once my fitness level is improved I will be keen to do this. I thought I was doing OK and attempted the Uriarra/Cotter loop on the weekend. I admit I started to cry when I saw those hills. NOOB.

Yeh, there’s bit of a difference between the hills in Canberra and the hills outside of Canberra. For training, I’ve found the Arboretum quite good. It’s short and sharp enough to really push you, and the looped road makes repeats a breeze. Also, there’s plenty of hills in and around Fadden to cruise up and down, and generally the roads are wide enough to accommodate cars and bike comfortably.

Yeah, I will check out the Arboretum this week, thanks for the suggestion. I only have a few more weeks before the Big Bike Ride which goes out past Uriarra so want to get as much riding as I can without completely destroying my poor knees.

Whats going on with your knees mate? Previous injury or incorrect bike set up?

Previous injury…but it could be incorrect bike setup - i really wouldn’t know. Hopefully it doesn’t effect my ice hockey season either.

I am planning on dropping it into Callaghan’s this week so will get his advice on the setup.

Aeons, I found this today, may be worth a shot? Bicycle mechanic required - experienced - full time or part time | Retail | Gumtree Australia North Canberra - Downer

And also for Pushys - Road Cyclist Specialist | Retail | Gumtree Australia South Canberra - Fyshwick

Both posted today.

thanks luke! I applied for both. Good work on finding them so quick.

I might be coming down sometime in the next month or so for a couple of days. My good lady wife will be doing baby stuff with a friend so I might find time to get a road ride in. Actually just remembered we might do a couple of days over Easter. Would anyone be around to do a road ride with me? Nothing too crazy, I’m a lover not a fighter.

You don’t feel like doing the Strava 100 mile challenge?

For sure, shout out when you know you are coming down

I’m gonna give this a go, any ideas for a good route, 160km loop or 80 each way return?

Goulburn on the highway is an option but may suck

I was thinking Goulburn, but I just don’t like the idea of being so close to fast moving trucks and cars.

Its pretty much the equivalent from Canberra to Jindabyne (176km)

Ooops - missed this, keep us up to date for when you are coming down!

I just got an email back from this guy and it’s australia’s only full-time recumbent store. hahaha.