I always wanted a Cannondale Track, though have only ever seen one in a 63cm for sale and that was about 5 years ago.
After riding my Nature Boy for a couple years and then selling it to buy my 29er, I was starting to miss the commute to work via bicycle and I started riding my RAM again. This created #SOTB and the idea to replace my RAM started to seem like a good option.
All the usual options are 60cm and under and I wasn’t getting any replies to emails for a 63cm Panasonic, so was thinking of something custom until I went on USA Ebay and found this 2010 Capo. I watched it and it went through without any bids, so I emailed the seller and asked for a postage quote. The quote ended up being quite reasonable, so I gave him an offer and he accepted.
It turned up a week later and everything from my RAM transferred across, plus a new bottom bracket because the one in the RAM is about 6 years old.
I still hope to find a Track, but for the moment this is more than suitable.

long live the SOTB catalyst.


please note the worn rear tyre. skiiiiiiiiiiidz


My brain struggles with bikes that big, but hell, it looks great.

#Summer Of Wide Risers.

But seriously, how rad are wide riser bars.

clean and simple, tops

Sime needs to throw up his build.

Wide bars are cool now? brb

he’s probably already selling it and talking about how he needs to do road ks.

hourglass stays for days…love it


I bought a China carbon front wheel a few months back for cheap and had no issues with it, so bought a matching rear one off Ebay.
It arrived and it has a gloss finish, instead of the matte like the front, so we aren’t quite matched up. It’s not a huge concern.
The last time I had a deep rim was Deep V’s back in 2007, I like the modern throwback. The Novatec hubs rolls much better than my old Gran Compe. I should have never sold my Phil/OPs wheelset to Mckenny!

Also got a replacement Rolls. I didn’t realise how bent the rails were on my old one until I sat on this. Will be good once it wears in.
I’m chasing a Thomson seatpost to replace the current, mainly for aesthetic purposes and the more subtle adjustment options.

Super fine wet and dry will take the gloss back to matte if that’s what your after?
Looking good anyway

It doesn’t bother me that much to be honest. Just a reminder to read full descriptions before buying things online.


^Previously owned by a bloke named Angus?

Looks rad with black wheelset. Black thomson will be a nice touch. I think we chatted at Spooky CX as I was jealous of you finding a tall Cannondale.

Thomson post has been on for a week or two.
Thanks to Snowflake for the great deal.

It probably needs a matching stem now.

mash sticker on point.