Carbon frames compared!

Been thinking about selling my BT Stealth and buying something with a shorter HT for itt and ttt. Also having a brand new frame would be cool. That said the fit issue is the biggest thing. I was wondering how many people have rode a couple different carbon track bikes and how big a difference people can tell when riding them in relation to stiffness/ride quality. The bike I’m considering is the fuji track elite. It has been said that the stealth is the stiffest bike out there so I wondered if I’ll notice any difference going to another carbon frame? I am a weak little vegan (72kg) and do mainly enduro events so I doubt it will matter but I’m keen to hear other people’s opinion on the matter.

Pretty much setting myself up to get flamed here but in all seriousness what do people think? Any useful advice?

I lol’d. I regularly get my arse handed to me by “weak little vegans”.

y’know those people that are constantly like “OMG, I am so fat/ugly/skinny/have a weird nose” etc etc just so u tell them the opposite & they get a little boost…

consistently placing in A grade probably doesn’t make you a weak little vegan matthias…


I feel I’ve made my point.

and from now on, everytime matthias bitches about being a weak little vegan imma edit his posts to something else

Makes him a quick little vegan. So cute, too!

I was more getting at I’m a small guy and kind of light, not a huge sprinter who needs the craziest stiffest frame ever.

I think you just made me blush dead legs!

Out of curiosity what is the ett, st and ht on the stealth?

Just get better, get sponsored and let the team manager make your frame choice.

Here’s trouble! Thursday night ride ride rig? Hey, hey?

But he still has facebook Rolly, we need you back…

55tt, 120mm ht and 40mm bb drop. Not sure about effective st is but 40mm bb drop plus the 120ht should give a stack height of about 500mm I think. I can do a rough measure my when I get home if you’d like.

Haha I wish.

Nah not for me, I was more thinking why there’s fit issues with it for itt and ttt
120 seams shortish for a 55

get a fuji and put rizors on it, return to the streetz, join me (i’m about to quit bikes for good) in a cool street fixie gang. It’ll be great.

Long arms, even with a 100mm -35 degree stem it isn’t low enough. 100 or 110 HT would be pretty much perfect.

How many times have you quit bikes for good? A street fixie gang sounds amazing! We can film skids and riding stupid through traffic, really ground breaking stuff.

only seriously once, but I am on a knife’s edge right now.

It’ll be a sad day for Saint Cloud racing if you quit, on the other hand the fixie world will rejoice and probably make you their leader.

So I’m guessing this thread is a bit of a lost cause? No advice to be had?

if you quit, can I have your gold “hillman” so I can choose between drops & rizzorzz at my leisure? thx James.

Shit does any one make a 55+tt with a 100mm ht other than the new Dolans.

nah katerz shotgunned it