Carbontech wheel

Im looking for a new wheel.
without the stickers could be ok.

Carbontech 99 Carbon Front Wheel 700c Tubular | eBay


Don’t take it out if there’s much breeze about

Tub or clincher? Anyway, yeah bad for long windy rides. I mean, good against a head wind, possible death with a sidewind yo. Especially in crowded peleton styles bunches. Totally sweet otherwise.

Fine if your back wheel is deeper, got a sram s80 and so far been fine when used with a disk rear.

Thanks, i need to buy a new front wheel, and am a complete noob.
Have zero idea whats what. im just like… hey that looks cool…
I do about 300kms a week, so i also dont want to buy just some junk thats not going to last and just fall apart.

You realise that it is a tubular? Do you know what a tubular is?

Cheap chinese carbon, for the current price probably cheap.

aerospok will fix your issues.

Tubular yes…
And i want to stay well away from it.

Im selling my aerospoke. on ebay now. Had it for about a year, and need a diff wheel.

If you guys had $400 bucks. what would you do?

Well I should responsibly chip away at my scarily high credit card debt, but I’d probably just put it towards a proper dedicated P-TTL flash with focus assist beam and maybe get my A3 flatbed scanner cleaned. Is it tax free?

wouldnt expect anything less.

hed 3.

Any trispoke. I want a nimble.

phil wood to open pro. classic / bombproof.

Go Dubblespok… keep it real.

I wonder if that Carbontech would hold together as a CX wheel…:smiley:

For a road bike or a sweet fixie?

Obs. works on either:
Wiggle | Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 C24 CL Clincher Front Wheel Performance Wheels

Or what brendan said. Low flange though.

hookers and blow

^the staples of a fantastic diet

Hmmm, I may be on my own here, but I tend to find loveless intercourse to be rather cold and dull. Certainly not something that I would be prepared to pay money for.

As for fantastic diet recommendations, how about a diet based around whole grains and seasonally available, organically grown, local produce? $400 won’t last too long if you plan to eat like that though…