Cassettes - why, what and which one?

Need a little help on this one.

Needing a new chain cassette on the roadie, currently have 11-28 which is standard AFAIK.

Now should I change to say an 12-27 and if I did what would be the benefits/difficulties?
I’m keen to do a few crits this summer and but don’t want to be left short on the road rides to the hills by going lower to say an 11-23 as I’m shite at climbing as it is!


compact or std crankset?

11/12 - 25/27 will be fine, go 105 level for better price/performance ratio.

12/25 is a good one for anything around Melbourne.

Std cranks Blakey 53/39 I think.

11-28 with standard crank is a good all rounder

gaps are too big on a 11-28 and if you have a 53 you dont need an 11

if you need a pussy gear go a 12-27, a bit gappy but not too bad

just get a 105 one, cheap

Im weak and run 12-27, I find it great.
That will get you up 15% stuff no worries and you can hit a good pace in a 53/12 so it’s my choice.

same, 12-27 are good

This. Went from an 11-25 to an 11-28 and its noticeable. For crits, 11-25 with standard fronts is ace. And there are a few spots in my rides where I need an 11 so I will keep it.

Yup 11-25 is the king… It’s even better in 11speed as its nice and tight. I run 52/36 up front and it’s a good set up for me. Plenty of top end ( there are a few places in our regular rides that its better for ) and plenty of spin for steep or big hills

was riding standard 53-39 and 11-25 on my old roadie, but my new one comes with a compact 50-34 with 11-28 I believe. maily racing crits and am a sprinter, no real top end power but i have a kick. Any recomendations whether i should bother trying to get the cassette changed out before i pick it up

If you’re changing anything it would be the crank-set.
Can you swap off your old bike?

nope, old cranks are bb30, new cranks are bb386 & new bike has the standard bb

compacts are annoying for racing but its not that big a deal, you wont get out of the 11/12/13 anyway

Well 50/11 > 53/12 so you wont be short at the top end.

Markee, with standards on the front, a 12-25 would be great for crits. I had a 12-25, but got me a 12-27 before I raced Bright, and only because I like to spin up climbs.

Agree on the 105 recommendation. A little extra weight for a lot more durability compared to Ultegra and DA.

Change the inside ring to a 36 , then you will have the same difference on the front as a 53/39 just one sprocket bigger?

Also, if you’re worried about gaps in the gears for different cassettes, Sheldon has a good list of 10 speed cassettes and what gears they have which I found pretty handy for comparing the different options.

That’s a weird combo,
34/28 is crazy, you could climb for day’s., But you would need to at the speed you were going.
Surly they could do you a deal on a 11/25

yea, thought it was odd when i found out, the whole top end of the merida range has gone compact cranks (except the sram red model) and they are all 11-28 cassettes apart from the aero models which are still 11-25.

see how it goes