Cervelo T3

Whats every ones thoughts?


I want some chocolate.

You’d better have the legs to match if you intend on rocking up to the velodrome with one of those.

For that much coin you could buy a capable complete bike that isn’t silly.

If you enjoy fancy track bikes and this forum you should try as we do, restoring one yourself and building it part by part instead of buying something silly (this) or paying someone else to do it (your Dodici). It’s all part of the passion!
my 2c.

I spent over a year chasing up parts for my dodici and did a lot of research and as a first build with no prior experience in cycling other than bmx as a kid i think it worked out well and was a great experience in chasing up parts.

Im now looking for the next project and was thinking it could be a good base to start with… i was not sure if it was a good price or if anyone has one that could share how they ride.

And as it is a frame not a complete bike wouldn’t i be building it up part by part?

It’s a good base to start with if you feel your tk2/464/t1 isn’t giving you the advantage you need, but you can’t afford a BT or TK1.

these are the frames that the fastest riders in the world are riding when they are allowed to select their own equipment

1700 is cheap for this

Im not looking at it to get better times or to improve my riding… I’m very new to the track and need a lot of skill first before a better bike would make any difference.

My current bike serves me well.

But i do like to the idea of starting a new project but unsure if this is where i should start.

There are a few nice carbon frames out there but not sure if i could get something unused and at this price in my size.

If you like it, buy it, it’s ‘cheap’

Who gives a rats ass what the Internet thinks.

If you like it, buy it. If then you feel like you don’t like it or need it, sell it.

decisions decisions

I like it
its my size
good price

Don’t need it
Cuts into my budget for a new road bike I’ve been wanting

Can anyone share a reason not to get this frame? i.e not suited to beginners due to the geometry or some design flaw that was over looked.

People will always say expensive gear is not suited to beginners because:
A) they will think you have more dollars than sense
B) jealousy
C) because they think that if they still ride around the boards in a grade on some epic 1980,s steel trackie that everyone else should
D) because you are a beginner you’ll fuck it up

Could go on forever.

As I said, if you want it, buy it. You can always sell.

how about this is way more than you will likely EVER need, your current bike serves you well, and it detracts from your budget to build a roadbike, which you will likely end up spending waaaaay more time on.

my fuji track pro was $610 brand new complete, is still likely better than I’ll ever need & gets used for all of about 60 minutes each week. compare that with an average road ride of 2hrs at least and I know where I’d rather be putting my money.

the cervelo is total overkill.

in response to HLC.

a) I’d rather 3 bikes than 2 for the same dollars, especially of a beginner who may not even like track racing. it does actually happen.
b) I think that cervelo is ugly.
c) can’t think of any a graders @ DISC on 80’s steel
d) I doubt he’d fuck it up, but I’m certain the difference between that and a complete alloy bike for half the price would be lost on a beginner

Im just double checking the sizing and geometry to see how different it is to my leggero but the dodici sizing chart is down so i can’t compare it to the cervelo site… is there a shop in melbourne that i can get measured to double check that it is a good fit. i would be happy to pay for the fitment as i wouldn’t be purchasing the bike from them.

I don’t see the point in buying a cheap product just because your a beginner, If you buy quality it should make it more enjoyable as you have the right gear and as for fucking it up chicks dig scars haha

Nothing wrong with 80s steel i love them and if i come across the right frame I’m sure i will build one up.

buy it and ride it

I do see your point on the spending more time on the road bike and is defiantly something to consider… I’m just shattered atm as the road bike i was looking at was sold already.

If i was to get it and swap it in place of the dodici frame it would still be a cheap build as i got my record cranks and pedals and my saddle for a steal.
I got my pistas for $600 with pista evo cs tubs the whole wheelset had only 2-3 hours of use.

So if you were to look at the bike from a $RRP i think I will have done quite well out of it.

But once again i don’t need it just want it.

thats what it comes down to it… buy it ride it who gives a shit as long as I’m enjoying it.

I guess the main question i was asking was it a good price and was there any major flaws that i should be aware of… we have established that the price is good price and no major flaws other than my legs don’t match the bike. oh and that snowflake wants some chocolate.

Just remember the n+1 equation only works when n=shit…

It’s not that expensive… It’s your size, it’ll have good resale ( it’s dropped its lion share of its value already )
And you’ve already talked your self into it… No brainer…

If riding track isn’t for you put some fucken rizors on the fucker and ride it to the pub…