Chamois Cream...recommendations?

Do you use it? recommendations?

Used it for the first time today, had a promo sachet from Rapha and thought id give it a whirl as i was attempting my first decent ride.

Goes with a bit of a tingling sensation, cream looks nice and thick, and i have to say it works.

Saddle area felt much better in comparison to rides that were half the distance with no cream

$20 for Rapha dosnt seem to bad, but tub does look small.

others that might be better? better value?

I got some attaquer shammy cream, smells pretty nice, put it in my hair sometimes as well.


I use assos, good stuff, don’t need much, numbs and slides well, no smell, cleans off easy. get it on special at wiggle, pbk, crc, etc totally worth it.

I use Aussie Butt Cream, it helps but can’t say how good it is compared to other stuff since it’s the only one I’ve used so far.

(And the regular size tub will last me forever)

Bepanthen… get it at the chemist or supermarket. Always used it on my tattoos, for my kids nappy rash and since I started riding in knicks. Can’t beat it!

I tried this a while back but found it doesn’t last long enough.

Have been using the morgan blue winter stuff for a while now, it’s really thick so it keeps working on long rides (5+ hours).

Shit I’ve never used any thing,
Am I missing out on some thing good?
That said I’ve never had any problems with saddle sores or rashes.


Have only used Assos so no comparison material, but I like it.

Item as described, would buy again.


Never used anything, but have friends that rave about it.

Has piqued my interested after a 5 hour stint on the bike on saturday.

I’ve used the Aussie Butt Cream, it’s ok. For the price though you can’t beat this stuff | Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream | Chamois Cream
Sometimes it’s on sale for $8. I have been using it for about four years now.

assos is very good, it does come off in water though (heavy rain/sweating your ass off for longer rides)
i use qoleum. goes on like road tar.

Same. Only had rash once, and that was on a ten hour ride where I was wet for the whole thing.

Same here. After discussing this with others, it looks like most chamois creams work when you already have saddle sore. I heard of a brand that claims to also have a preventative effect, but forgot what it is.

morgan blue’s the stuff. 15 bucks a tub from bikebug too!

Basically expensive mix of vasoline and tea tree oil.

Seriously awesome on hot days but after soaking my knicks in hot water yesterday and seeing what squeezed out with the ingrained ‘cream’ I’m definitely questioning how much bacteria it holds in. Nessacary evil?

you should probably stop discussing with people who have no idea what they’re on about.

Yeah that’s BS…
A few years back my rabbit had his yearly calicivirus injection and had a nasty reaction to it and chewed the site raw. To numb the pain the vet gave us some hydrocortisone cream to dab on. I asked him for extra and he obliged. Worked well enough for my little man, so I dabbed some on my saddle sore = winning.

udderly smooth from wiggle is very good (and very cheap) if you dont want the vaseline like consistency of the qoleum stuff

the assos stuff is good but that little container doesnt last very long and is a bit expensive

bepanthen is ok too if you dont have anything else handy