Chamois Cream...recommendations?

Thanks for the piece of advice. My sources are guys with years of road cycling/racing behind them. They’re no doubt part of the category you’re describing.

My point exactly. You put stuff on your ass because you ALREADY had saddle sore.

Assos wins for me out of the Assos/Rapha/Attaquer sample packs I’ve tried. Difference isn’t enough for me to not use any of the other products, just that the Assos one works that little bit better and goes on a little easier.

Can’t believe I put up with the occasional saddle sore for so long. No issues since starting to use Chamois cream several months ago. Much like shaving my legs, it was one of those things I was never going to do…

Dude, dude, dude.
You’re in line for the Horatio “lack of comprehension” award.
Rhys used the hydrocortisone because it has medicinal qualities. All the other chamois creams are preventative in nature, they might have some effect on minor irritations, but they’re gonna do fuck all against serious sores and infection.

FWIW, I don’t use anything. Even a saturated 8 hour ride did nothing to cause taintal irritation. Maybe I’m just lucky.

I use Aussie Butt Cream to prevent sores on longer rides. Apply generously direct to the clacker region rather than the chamois itself as it absorbs less quickly. Gooch slithers around like wet soap in the shower… almost lost a saddle or two using this method.

Once saddle sores have set in, nappy-rash cream with a high concentration of zinc-oxide and a hearty dose of man the fuck up.

Also… that cortisone cream Rhys mentioned is the business. I had some left over from… some other skin related irritation.

A topical steroid =/= chamois cream.

chamois cream = preventative, eg: sunscreen

corticosteroid = treatment, eg: analgesic

Edit: walked away and didn’t press post. beaten. give mansolwota some extra H’s

Been using Udderly Smooth for a while now. Best value for money, and does the job.

All right, all right, I’ll settle down. That’s a discussion topic that often comes up after rides, and as always there’s loads of more or less conflicting opinions. In my books, people are entitled to have their opinion and I’ll tend to listen, then decide whether or not it’s for me. Anyway, I’ve been lucky with saddle sore so far.

Sudocream “on tour”. Day to day, nothing.

I’ve made a list of the dirtbags here who say they use/need it frequently… never shaking their hands or touching their hairs. Filthy.

Was talking about cycling the other day with my Dad, and we got talking about long rides, chamois creme and saddle sores. He swears by nappy rash cream for saddle sores. Gone in 2 days.

i got a few tubs of this stuff cos of my kids, will give this a go before forking out for assos/ABC/udder

Sudocream is expensive. and a bit too thick i would imagine, can see why you would use it after you get a sore though, me personally i just apply lanolin if i get one, Assos is the one that suits me the best.

Also if you got the hookup…bonjella will make your stuff numb up really good. Not a preventative measure though.

Bonjella… so tasty.

bonjella is better than SM-33, that stuff is vile.

+1 for Aussie Butt. Only use it for long rides 80+ on my track bike as it does feel a bit…I don’t know. It’s made in Australia, as good as the other stuff so no reason to not shop locally. Had massive saddle sore once that stayed with me for quite a while and it’s not funny.

Anyone that has never had a saddle sore and doesn’t use chamois cream, I guarantee you will use it after getting one. I use the Assos, it’s the only one I ever have. I don’t use it every ride, only 80km+.

Vagoline fan for 30 years

Step 8: How to Be a Road Biker - PROLLY IS NOT PROBABLY
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The whole video is pretty good

Assos is nice but too chemically formulated for me, I love how Rapha make my ass and bits smell like an untouched natural woodland.

Assos ingredients:
About 20 chemicals ending in ene, nol, ate and pheryl.

Rapha Chamois Cream combines olive, vegetable glycerine and shea butter to prevent chafing, while natural menthyl helps keep the skin cool and hydrated.
Rapha Ingredients include:
Atlas Cedar
Pine needle
Juniper berry
Patchouli (High Fidelity - Ian - YouTube)