Charge bikes

Was down at Monza picking up some supplies today and Jay showed me around the new Charge range. S’posed to retail for around $1100-$1400ish. Also have Ti frames to boot…
Anyone got, used, rode one?

have heard some good things. but, nah, never ridden one.

I have seen both the Charge Plug Freestyle & the Plug Racer . The Racer is a very nicely done off the shelf bike where as the Freestyle is purple & green for the Hipsters .
Have the dreaded Unipack bikes hit Oz yet ? They are a supposed US import bike that has hit the UK but are dangerous pieces of shit .
Check out & stay away from them . They cop a hilarious beating on the London fgss site

Look like a pretty good line up. Be interesting to hear some reviews.

We’ve got a bunch of Charge Bikes coming into our shop ( as soon as they arrive in OZ. I’ve seen them in the flesh at the dealer show in Perth a few weeks ago and they look awesome. Pricing is quite reasonable as well.

I won a Charge saddle in the BFF alleycat… the guys who do it (Charge) seemed real nice.

And all you specialist riders who want to put a fixed cog on it, it’s simple.

By the way they are UNISEX so anyone can ride them.

That’s what she said :smiley:

we’re the melb cbd dealer for charge. we should be seeing bikes next week, but i will say the first shipment is already pretty much spoken for.

there will be more coming, but at least we’ll have shitloads of saddles which you can caress with your balls.

who is we?

I hear the spoon saddles are pretty nice any idea on price?

User profiles tell you all sorts of things.

ahhh cool, wasn’t logged in when I looked at the user profile so it came up as hidden, my bad.

“72° parallel seat tube and head tube” meh… like riding ure mumma.

I don’t get why people rip so much shit about the quality of these cheap street fixie colourful taxi cab messenger" thingos, I would rather ride a new tigged steel frame with track drops then some old converted puss heap of a frame that creaks more than ure grand-mumma's joints. Sure people have pride in their sick builds", though it doesn’t make em any less sketchy or these token ``courier fixed gear bikes" any worse. As long as u say hi, and do a skid for me when I’m drunk and yelling at u from the foot path then I’m happy.


tonnes of charge plugs and now freestylers here in London. They have an ‘indestructable’ reputation but weigh a tonne

I’m getting a batch in and all the saddles too.
No word from the KHS people and still no idea when they will show so am going with the charge’s.
Monday the 15th and yeah most of my first order is spoken for.

how much is the charge plug gonna go for? any special deals for forum members?

How about metal cages and leather straps to the first 10.

never mind the bikes, the best thing about charge is the female team riders…

Wow… that was deep :expressionless:

You mean cute?

Pity about the sleeve of tatts. Girls with tattoos just don’t do it for me.

Ditto everytime i see a chick with lots tatts i just imagine how haggered they will look once they reach 40