cheap knog style lights

got some of these on the way:

can’t comment on the quality yet, but at that price i think its excellent buying. and if they get knicked, you can just buy some more.

Are these guys in OZ?

If not how much was postage?


great deal.

brian at hkfixed had these linked on his blog a while back. cheaper than new batteries.

I just got mine! :smiley:

I am going to order some when I get home.

Anyone find anything else good there? - they got a lot of shit.

on a similar theme:

These ones from Torpedo7 got two LEDs innem. Can’t say that switch would keep the water out. Chuck 'em in your basket next time you’re buying a ten pack of inner tubes.

sop what are the deal extreme ones like? review please!

the mec ones last a while in the rain, but a better overall tip is to make a little jacket for 'em (and the non-waterproof ones) using a piece of old innertube. cut a section to just shorter than the length of the light and stretch on over the body like a sleeve… the switch still works and they get a bit of protection/bike camouflage without reducing their lighting too much.

i had them last through full winters of ‘delightful’ west coast canadian rain doing this…

Whoa nice find! These are 2 in a pack for $4.99 with free shipping to Australia? Such a good deal.

i just ordered me some. when they arrive i’ll do a quick review.

Me too - wanna race?

nah, i’m just a net rider.

I’ll take that as a yes.

3,2,1, GO!!!

I bought some too… good buy! I actually bought two packs… haha… got some spares, just in case!

Too cheap for me to pass up, x2 packs for me too. Came to AU$16.

I’ve bought some great stuff from dealextreme, best was the lockpick set which came in handy when some oxygen thief PADLOCKED MY REAR WHEEL TO THE CHAIN when I left the bike overnight. I can only assume they were trying to ensure it wasn’t ridden away for when they came back with the boltcutters.

yeah i’m bought a bit from DX. some of its junk, some its great.

see how we go with these lights. i ordered some on the 22/2, and only yesterday got an email saying they’ve been sent. pretty slow, but can’t expect too much at those rates.

Bah, Knog for life yo.

Mine arrived today. Can’t complain for the price but they don’t seem all that secure. Hopefully they won’t fall off.

Dunno how long the battery will last either, seeing as the envelope was flashing when I took it out of the letterbox :slight_smile: