Cheap NOS Turbos

4 available, $40 delivered:

TURBO SADDLE 1970s NOS compact campagnolo track cinelli (eBay item 140504802567 end time 01-Feb-11 07:14:31 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

They didn’t last long …

No they didn’t.
Gone before 12 when I looked. :frowning:

Good find and a great deal if you could get on it. Those plastic re-issues just don’t do it for me… same for the Concor.

I got one!

wonder how many will be re-listed at twice the price? =P

not you erle i know =)

Haha, mine will be having a close and personal relationship with my arse. As Nexus said, the new ones are a little so so, it was too good a deal to pass up!

sooooo tempted… but will pass

DER… It’s already finished

Good to hear you got one Erle. I was very tempted but really didn’t need one!

/delayed response

They’re back!!!
TURBO SADDLE 1970s NOS compact track campagnolo cinelli (eBay item 140508241896 end time 10-Feb-11 08:00:41 AEDST) : Sporting Goods
I got one, 1 left.
Be quick…


i got the last one

It’s a pretty good deal IMO.
I considered buying 2, and having one for my next project, but I figured someone more deserving should get the last one.
Glad it was someone from here.

its up again i bought one … be quick

these better be nos!

TURBO SADDLE 1970s NOS junior track campagnolo cinelli (eBay item 140509248190 end time 13-Feb-11 07:07:04 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

…and 21 minutes later they’re gone

I’d love to know where he’s getting them from.
Maybe we should email him and ask if he can do a FoA bulk order discount.

I bought one of these from the first listing and now that it’s arrived it doesn’t quite seem to be the old turbo saddles. It’s not a leather saddle but synthetic, size is different, logo is just a decal and over quality isn’t like my older turbo saddles. The packaging itself says “Biodegradable” which i doubt was something they did back then.

Here are some pics of the saddle and my other turbo saddles. Notice the lack of any logos at the front, or rear and no markings on the underside.

Turbo Saddles pictures by da_horse - Photobucket

edit: seems a few others have fallen for the auction too

return it.