choosing road hubs

looking at building myself some race wheels.
trying to do it for under $600
rims probably chinese carbon tubulars
hubs are what i’m a bit stuck on.

have looked at:

  • 105 32H, appreciate its over kill on the spoke front, but would they be sufficiently more awesomely stiff as to be worth it? servicable ball/cone is a plus
  • circus monkey 24/28, probably as good an option, but not sure how readily available bearings are for them, i know a few people have used these, pretty light and price is pretty good

what else is out there? $250 is about the end of the hub budget.

i dont really want to just get straight up alibabas, even though they may be good value, just not interested, i am hoping to get a lot more for my money out of my own build compared to off the peg stuff

bikehubstore hubs?

Light, I’m pretty sure they use a bearing that is easy to source and cheap.

I built up 2 sets of these recently and thought they were certainly good for the price. | Hope Pro3 Mono Road Rear Hub | Road Hubs | Hope Pro3 Mono Road Front Hub | Road Hubs

The biggest killer will be spokes,
Cx rays are $2.75 each and that is what will be a killer.
Does any one know what bladed spokes the generic Chinese rims are running?
If you can get them cheaper you will be laughing.
You know

shimano also, and i really havent searched exhaustively so i’ve been a bit lazy there, i’m also not too worried about comparing engagement point counts and gram for gram value, thanks for those two links, the hope’s are a good option, i’m not in a rush so could stretch the budget, just didnt want to

what else is good around that hope pro3 range? i can get hold of these for under $250, best option? i’m 90kg on good days, was thinking 20/28, are the hopes noisy? i’m not a big fan of noisey hubs…

Yup, louder than kings I reckon.

Shit man get noisy or gtfo,
Here are my picks based on what i have mostly read, seen and heard.
Under $150 bikehubstore
$150-$300 hope pro 3
$300 -$500 Alchemy

Go to a good bike shop and ask the mechanic their recommendation - hopefully they won’t be trolling the web for answers.



Then you definitely don’t want Hopes.

At that weight I’d stretch the budget for White Indo’s - strong hubs, steel axles and Ti freehub bodies. Your rim profile, spoke type and wheel building ability will best decide what the best spoke count option will be.

Tough call is to make sense of the price/weight ratio and whether standard Ultegra hubs is a better option. Grams is not always grams. All the stuff is pretty good these days but the problem most people have is wrong choices of wheel parts for their needs.

I reckon shimano hubs 105/ultegra are a great idea for a very reliable, cost effective but quite heavy, hub.
Whats nice about cup n cone is they super smooth and not much can go wrong with them.

at 90kg i wouldn’t buy carbon chinese thingos. they aren’t aero anyway, so why bother.

Really at your budget buy pre built

the novatec hubs on the chinese wheels will do the job fine

and very easy to service them if you really feel the need (i have abused mine for almost 3 years and have not had to open the hubs once)

You’ll be hatin on the Hope hubs. I built a set of these to Velocity Synergy rims for my Soma ES.
It’s supposed to be a relaxed, gravel grinder, all day rider. The old blokes I’ve ridden with hate the noise so I’ve never allowed to coast.

TBH I’d buy a set of Fulcrum Racing 3s and move on or pony up a few more dollars and get the Racing 1s.

They even have Racing in the name, clearly race wheels.

Pillar. Probably.