Christine :) She's come a long way!


Info on bars?

waiting for track drops from ebay (these ones were sent to me by mistake)…what’s wrong with them?
too high? too steep?

feedback appreciated

I was thinking more brand,size,comfort,diameter and are they forsale? Should of been more clear about that :roll:

i have found the following to be useful…
bar ends (the likelihood of you taking a chunk out of your own skin is less with bullhorns, but if you hit a pedestrian with those right now you might find yourself in a lot of trouble)
bar tape - you are in brisbane right? gets kinda warm up there… sweaty hands + bare bars + bump = faceplant?
clips (especially if the brake is still absent, even if it isnt)… youll get a lot more out of your bike (efficiency, speed, control) if you run some sort of foot retention.

Thanks for your help Lazermouth.
You are truly doing the fixie cause some greatness.

You can have them if you are in Brisbane just after I get my drops

I’m in melbourne.
Will you ship??

Why not just make it how you like it ?

pm user “erik” he is in at GEARbrisbane, im pretty sure he was looking for a set of nice bullhorns… :wink:

^ but does anyone like the bike at all?

Yeah it’s a good looking steed, but if you build it for everyone else you’ll never be happy with it. Do it for you, treat yourself.

its black fixie conversion.


Yeah dude, you have done well!

What’s the gearing on it? Looks big.

Also I’d suggest either putting a brake on it or riding it somewhere very quiet & flat until you get the hang of riding brakeless. It’s a cool way to ride but it takes a lot of confidence & skill - you don’t want to be figuring it out on Ipswich Rd.

48 x 17

It will be getting a front brake. I have vintage shimano set to put one on the front. I’m just waiting for the correct bars (track drops) to arrive and then I’ll put them on.

Rode it on the road for the first time this morning from Holland Park to Auchenflower.
It was great fun. I still can’t skid so stopping was a challenge :slight_smile:

Gear was weird to ride with. Hard to get started with but I could easily spin it when motoring…and boy was I motoring down Logan Rd into Stones Corner Yeeharrrr :evil:

That’s a pretty big gear for Brisbane - have a search, there’s an old thread about what most people up here use. About 70" is the usual I think - you’re running 76".

If you’re enjoying your bike then it’s a good build but I’d seriously think about bar tape & clipless / toestraps. And be careful!

Sorry forgot to add that I had my clip-in mtb pedals and shoes on this morning and I’m waiting for my toestraps to arrive too.
I got them free for the Ebay stuff up with my bars.

I guess I’ll look at Sheldon for what you mean when you say 70"?