Ciggies for Dylan

Just thought I’d post some pics from last weekend. Mrs. Spirito and I decided to drive to Melbz just to give Dylan some stale Eastern European cigarettes. It just so happened that Melbz-Roobarb was also on + we met a bunch of cool people from this forum. Shout outs to everyone (too many to list here) but a special mention/thanks to Da Blakey’s™ who were kind enough to lend us their cool townies. Lots of pics but this’ll give some of the forum an idea of what they missed/can look forward to next year.

Thanks, stoked to meet and reacquaint with all of you, and I love you Dylan !!! Can’t wait till next year & big-up’s to Andy for another legendary event.

Is this per chance the matching x Stephan Pate roadie to my WC track frame?

Dunno, I just fell in love with the petrol-green/gold metallic colour. I know it’s cliched but the pic doesn’t do it justice.

it’s the same colour as my track frame and mr perkins did build a roadie for mr pate that was on ebay a few years ago, then i think fyxo had it… if its a 57tt but 52ss then i’d say it is :slight_smile:

Lovely photos mr spiz.

no way to say this without sounding like a wanker, but i’ll do it anyway - i really like the way you made a narrative with the sequence of photos there. thanks for sharing, and taking the time to do it right.

Awesome shots! I like the one with the Travesty :wink: I love that bike.

There are some really awesome shots that cover this event. I am really bummed I missed it… but next year - I am there like a fat kid on a cup cake.

Thanks for sharing uncle spirito. That photo of you and dyldo is awesome!

Totally agree with both of the above. Good work Mr S.

Mrs. Spirito is laughing that I’ve grabbed a handful of his jacket (to keep him in my grasp). It’s one of my mannerisms she tells me, I do it to her unconsciously all the time when we are on the couch or sitting together. Perhaps it’s part of my cro-magnon side showing but in any case she’s not uncomfortable with me doing the same to a man, especially one as handsome as Dylan.

I’ve got a lot more photo’s but a) some people were a little shy so i didn’t want to have them feel awkward about posting their pic and b) I mostly wanted those who didn’t/couldn’t come to get a feel for the weekend.

Regretfully, I didn’t get a chance to take any pics of the Radelaide crew even though we kept bumping into them all through the weekend and at bike shops before and after the event. Top guys and all so tall. Plus the by chance run-in’s like with Dice, Deadlegs and others that just made it one long series of sweet/cool/rad moments. Even though it sounds cliched and a little corny it reminded me again that all cyclists are family, and juts how some of the words from these pages contribute to know them but don’t know them moments. Like meeting old friends for the first time.

my shoes are in one of the photos thus awesome.

thanks for the shots spirito.


Spirito, I just realised I was behind you at the Beatbox kitchen. I would have said hi had i known.

I wanna see my photo with spirito! I most likely look ridiculous but you know, one for the archives etc…

You can see my grey hairs.

Nice shots Spirito.