Cinelli Histogram

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Thought it was time to post some pics of my favorite bike. I ride it most days, however i do have a commuter, but enjoy riding the mash more. I finally got it to the point I am happy with

hope you like it

Frame: Cinelli/Mash Histogram
Wheels: Phil Hubs low flange 32 black with H+Son SL42’s and 15t & 17t rear cogs
Drive: Roselli cranks, Rosselli BB and 45t Roselli chain ring
Seat post/ saddle: Thompson elite with Selle Marco Zoncolan (borrowed but ones on order)
Headset Cluster: Colossi CNC’d Stem, Ritchey Pro Evo double wrapped with Velo orange leather tape.

Special thanks goes to Gypsy @ gear for helping with the build

EDIT* added some closer shots
Cranks | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Wheels | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Bars | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Baby got back | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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deep rims look so good with these frames, nice work.

Nice. I have a soft spot for those frames.

Damn this is attractive, makes me miss my mash frame.

nice one man, if I had one i’d built it up just like this.

thanks guys

I like everything but the cranks. Don’t think they suit this frame.

There’s a cheap one in the for sale thread…

you thinking omniums would be better?

do like

Haha yeah “cheap” not to mention a size to big, might keep my eye out for one though.

I do, conveniently I have some for sale.

They would suit it better, I have some on one of my bikes and so do heaps of others and haven’t heard a bad thing about them. Get some campy pistas though!

If you buy his omniums I might buy your roselli’s.


nice one man! really like it. how’s the saddle? i’m looking to get one like yours

I had a concor on it originally and found it uncomfortable but bearable. The zoncolan is like a cushion.

The way a Mash should be built. Very tasteful. +1 on the crank change, but that’s being pretty picky.

This build had campy record hubs to FIR rims previously, which looked rad with these cranks. i still don’t mind it but omniums with the new wheels would looks ballin Jessi!

Zoncolans are great, even doing long rides without bib shorts they stay comfortable.

as stated, before the phil’s