cinelli pista(work in progress)

picked this up off a mate who works as a removalist. came with steel 650b rims laced to a rear record hub and front first gen dura ace, got rid of them pretty quickly and replaced with 32/40 record(pre stamped) laced to gold fiamme rims.

just waiting on the new rear sprocket, some rubber and a replacement head tube badge.

other parts are:
cinelli #1 stem/#14 bars
first gen record pista cranks/bb
25 tooth campagnolo chainring
record headset
the coventry chain
unicator saddle
christophe cages
zues pedals

not sure if i want to sell it or do a full resto

Mmm looks nice.
Any detail shots.

About what year is it Tombo? Looks awesome, but a tad too big for you, no?

Full resto! Full resto!

wow nice. did you see spirito’s cinelli thread? RAD. don’t do anything drastic just yet!

nope, looks a little bigger than it is in that photo, didn’t even have to adjust the seat hight. could hardly believe it

not at the moment yet, i’ll take some when i get the last few pieces

yeah, it’s mid 60’s is as far as i know from the hubs that were on it

serial number is 7782 but that doesn’t mean anything because it’s a cinelli

ooh … that’s beautiful and some seriously desirable parts too. Look forward to seeing more of this.

That stem… nice!
Full restore?

Nice pick up, detail pics ?

Going to be awesome with spok, B43, rizorzs and a powdercoat.

What size is it,
Looks like inch pitch campy gear.

sure is, 1x3/16


oooh 1cm to big.

More detailed pics please

that paint job kinda looked like this

^ That bloke looks like Tomhall too…

where’d you get that photo of me?

will get some more pics up soon, looks like it may be going home back to italy in the near future

couple more pics up!

Such a prize bike.

Reminds me a lot of perhaps the finest bike I have ever seen in the flesh … Pergo’s Cinelli. I asked him straight what he was doing with it should he die and he said it was already allocated to another fellow he knows that lusts for it. His Cinelli is perfect in every detail.
Cinelli Track Bike | Velocult

I won’t say don’t sell it, but I will ask you what is the likelihood that you’ll ever be able to own another one? What you have is the holy grail for many collectors.

Lastly, 650b rims? That would be most unusual. Was it perhaps some English 26" rims (easy to pick, heavy, probably steel 26 x 1 3/8") that were supplanted or fitted after it lost it’s original race wheels? Just curious.


looked good and hard for one like it, pergo’s though is something else though

i have a collector in florence asking me for a price, think he’s getting somewhat anxious because i can’t decide on what it is worth to me, i know i’ll never have the chance to own anything like this again but at the same time, i am not a collector, owning it once in my life is enough to satisfy me

yes, my mistake, heavy steel 26 x 1 3/8" rear end was laced to the original record hub and the front was an early dura ace