Cinelli race bike

Finally my Pro Best Of frame turned up yesterday.

Full Carbon 59cm
Sram Force Grouppo
Cinelli Neo Morphe carbon bar/stem/post
My re-badged cane creek race wheels
Selle Italia Flite max saddle

Got to chop 30mm off the seat stem, position me up
and race it next week.

campag wheels on sram???

looks good though buddy,
also sort out the head tube!

My re-badged cane creek race wheels
position me up

let me know when you’re sick of that frame.


Bit big for you, isn’t it Brendan?

Dude it’s pretty normal given he might change the stack etc isn’t it?
Nice bike!

i thought only pros with inferior sponsors rebadged their gear :slight_smile:

I hated the Blue Cane Creek decals on em. Dont match anything…

Measure twice, cut once :slight_smile:

He could get his legs extended. I would for that bike.

the tt length is spot on.

And this is what it looks like 4 weeks on :slight_smile:


Indeed, WTF??
Hope you’re okay if it was smashed!

Carbon came apart in the drive side chainstay, cracked it.

Cinelli crabon FTW

Woah… details please! (Hope you didn’t come off),

Geebus!!! - wondered why you postulated something about parting the rig out

No thats my training bike, im selling (upgrading that :wink: )

But I sold the grouppo off this already, going to put Sram Red on replacement frame.
Aiming for >7.0kg for a 59cm frame.

I done a section of Mt Mee which is 16-25% for 5.1km last week, and noticed it the next day cracked.
I guess a lot of stress at that gradient with me slogging it out up thete was enough to crack it,
though it looks as though the carbon layers started
coming apart a while back/it at all they were attached, making the walls of the chain stay super thin/flexi.

Alls good, didnt snap in half, crash or anything, just cracked.
Shit happens. Replacement is on the way.

You sound so matter-of-fact about cracking a highend carbon frame. Geeze, I hope this isn’t indicative of Cinelli’s other ranges. Gulp, my Zydeco CX frame…