Ciocc Mockba '80

Beautiful bike Gyspy, you just keep reaching for the top shelf! Incredible!!!

ahh Mcain you’ve done it again… When your 80 and fixed gears come back in to fashion your garage is going to be one super find.

It’s an injustice that there is only one of these in the world.

I voted for it.

Superb work Gypsy… Are you going to ride it at all? On sunny Sundays?

That’s beautiful ! This is why modern bikes just don’t get me excited the way these do. They might be technologically more advanced, but they lack the aesthetics of the old school ones.

And if you ever want to sell it, I have a rear B43 and some rizorrs in the parts box awaiting a build. :stuck_out_tongue:

finishes reading posts in thread… returns to beginning of thread… starts again, gets stuck on photos, again.

mmmm 70’s/80’s porn! can we see some more detailed tubing photos please!?

That is art! When are you going to be able to ride it? Waiting on the perfect day? Low humidity, no breeze… not too hot, not too cold.

So amazing, sitting on the edge of my seat frothing over it!

nice, def wanna see this close up.

btw gyp your pm’s are full


foffing? Don’t you mean fapping?

^ I get all my witty phrases from Bike Snob.

gypo, i think you need a matching roadie…

For Sale: CIOCC Mockba 80 - 59cm - Columbus SL - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

even more matching, same colour :slight_smile:

vintage CIOCC, steel tubes | eBay

clap clap lovely build

yeeahh but is it a ‘Mockba 80’ !

its not the same colour and defs not a mockba 80’.