Ciocc Mockba '80

Well here it is. Thought I best post this up and restore some hope to after the atrocities that have been sprung upon the forum in the past 24 hours.

Ciocc Mockba '80 Pista - Handmade by Giovanni Pelizzoli

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista Crankset
Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista Bottom Bracket
Regina 1/8 Track Chain
Campagnolo 14t Track Cog

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista Hubs (2 cross)
Nisi M20 Pista Rims
d’Alessandro Speciale Tubulars

Campagnolo Nuovo Record ‘Ciocc’ Pantographed Seatpost 27.2
Cinelli Pista Saddle

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista Headset
Cinelli 3A Steel Stem
Cinelli 14 Steel Bars - Velox Black Cloth/Bar ends

I bought my Ciocc Mockba ‘80 in January last year from the Netherlands, however it wasn’t until 6 months later that I finally had my hands on it. I stumbled across it whilst randomly trawling through the internet for bikes as I usually do. I was in the market for another frame, but I never thought I would nab something as unique and rare as this. The ad for the frameset had no price listed, no information and one photo. I emailed the seller requesting more information and was given barely anymore information and only a price. He did add though that this specific frame was different than any other steel track frame the seller has seen in the way the tubing changing shapes. I was hooked and very happy with the price but I still asked nicely if he would take any less. I got a reply which was 100 euro cheaper than the first email. I was over the moon to say the least, I logged straight into paypal and locked it in. Initially it was going to be shipped out to me, but after numerous emails we realised that I could not have the frame sent with insurance bracket I was happy with. Knowing in the back of my mind that Erik was going back to the Netherlands in July for holidays, I asked if the frame could be boxed and put aside. Then I played the waiting game…

FFWD 12 months and countless hours on the internet/emails and ebay listings later and I finally got all the parts I needed to build it up.

Building this frame up and my Colnago Pista (coming soon) in the same day was definitely better than any Christmas I can remember! I stared at the bike for a good 2 minutes once I took it out of the workstand in absolute awe that I had finally bloody built it up. That night i quickly snapped some photos and emailed pelizzoli. 48 hours later i had all the answers i would ever need and a bigger grin on my face after hearing more about this special frame.

Features of the frame:

  • Built by Giovanni Pelizzoli

  • 1 of 1. The only one to exist in the world. This frame is a complete custom down to the colour, which was never used again to his knowledge.

  • Completely custom Columbus Tubing, a mix of columbus tubing which has been custom drawn by Pelizzoli himself. The rear seatstays are almost muscular whilst the seat tube and down tube have ovalized. There are two holes drilled each in the seat tube and down tube which were used to modify the tubing.

I have not yet ridden it yet, but I will someday soon. I have Nuovo pedals, clips and straps but I am waiting for replacement dustcaps before I put them on. The frameset has been built up with running gear which I feel was the best available at the time the frame was built. Pelizzoli actually commented on this, saying that I have done the frame justice and although the bar and stem don’t suit the age of the frame they definitely are the best possible combination for this unique frame. I have no plans for the bike right now, hoping to hang it somewhere in a cafe or something so other people can enjoy looking at it as much as i do.


Thanks Gavin aka. Biking Brisbane for the photos this morning! Biking Brisbane | This is how we roll

Freaking Amazing!!!

How this didnt win the track section on Sunday I will never know…

It was judged by the little creatures guy haha I had to judge the dragsters and the coffee van guy judged the BMX’s!

Love it. And love the fact that it will be ‘on show’.

Need’s more 'spok.

Bloody oath mate! That is a thing of beauty! You seriously deserve a pat on the back, and i was just thinking that yeah it might have cost alot…but oh my god to see it in the flesh you can really feel that all those months and dollars spent have paid off and then some!

game over

That. Is. Incredible. And the fact you know it’s the only one in the world must feel pretty special. What a beautiful thing. As per usual, well done Gypsy!

Once again Gypsy! Amazing build and story!

More, more photos please!

Bike of the year done and dusted. That is truely spectacular. Pure class.

Close forum.


So was the dude in The Netherlands the original owner? Looks like there are a few paint scratches, has it spent time on the track? Amazing.

Post post post: Can someone please rename the title of this thread Mockba? It’s too good to get lost on the internet due to a spelling error.

The guy i bought it off was selling on behalf of an old freind who aquired from the original owner who was a professional track rider. Its done its track time then was sitting untouched for two and a bit decades in his roof.

That stem has me drooling!

Very nice bike man.

2 minutes?? … I would have sat there for 2 days adjusting the front of my pants !!

Tell them the truth its a mojo re-stickered.
Nice bike it sure does stand out photos dont do it justice.
We need a track day some where to give all these old girls a run.

Great bike, great history
Was it built for a specific rider for the 1980 Olympics?

That’ll do it. Awesome.