Civil Engineering

Hi guys / Gals.

Just curious if anyone has studied or is studying Ba civil engineering or similar. Contemplating going back to study and wanted to speak with anyone studying the coarse to understand how ahrd the mathematics and physics components are.

Cheers, Simon

I’ve done bachelor of civil and am finishing master of structural this year (both at Melbourne Uni). Feel free to pm/post more specific questions.

Shit and concrete. All you need to know.

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Yep I’ve done BEng(Civil) and I’ve been working in Industrial Structures for the last 5 years. The Maths you’ll need for the structural analysis stuff can get quite tricky when you get into large matrices that don’t seem to have any numbers in them (WTF?!?). You’ll learn what you need to know so as long as you understood differentiation etc you should be ok. I think Monash (the best Civil engineering course in the Universe) makes you do 1st year Maths/Physics if you didn’t do higher level at school or you’ve been out a while.

It’s the industry to be in - get on board!

just do architecture. That way you don’t have to worry about any engineering stuff, or building stuff, or gravity in general, or even what your client actually wants to be honest. It’s a pretty sweet gig.


I did BEnvEng at Monash, but essentially work in Civil (water). Civil isn’t just building roads and filling the skies with steel. I work in Eco-Hydraulics, simulating the hydraulics of large wetlands and forests to achieve environmental outcomes. #xavierruddgotnothingonme

I’ve been out almost 7 years now, working in consulting. Happy to provide info. Just ask.



I’m just about to start a Civil and Infrastructure Engineering bachelors at RMIT, all I’ve heard about the math/science stuff in first year is that they teach you a fair bit more than you actually need but it’s still worth getting it done well. Any info of what to expect from the course would be greatly appreciated!

This is the most accurate description of architecture you’ll possibly ever see. My seven years working as a structural engineer pretty much consisted of me telling the architect that, “no, you can’t do that”.

I studied Civil Eng at RMIT. I believe they’ve completely revamped the course since I did it though ('98-2002). All I remember about the maths was that in first year my lecturer had that crazy-maths-lecturer-genius-gallop where he practically skipped into the room as though he was pretending to be a horse. In second year, we had this cool young dude as a lecturer, Claude. One day I threw a paper aeroplane at a douchebag across the hall, and it flew all the way down to the bottom of the lecture theatre and landed at Claude’s feet. I felt pretty bad.

And that’s what I remember about Engineering mathematics.

… was that usually followed by a request to be a bit more imaginative?

It sure was. Although it usually went something like… ‘fucken engineers. What about the safety factor?! Does it really need to be so high?’

In all honesty, I loved working with architects, which is why I went down the structural eng path rather than civil. The job would have been pretty uninspiring without architects challenging you every day.

HEC-RAS is for simpletons (Melbourne Water).

$5k assessment = HEC-RAS.
$500k assessment = something more advanced… fully dynamic 3D numerical solution. Density effects incorporated. Advection/Dispersion. Full simulation of water quality metrics. Ecological response modelling etc…

aaaaaand I’m back.


I have a MEng Civil Engineering degree, but I got that in the UK. The maths can get complex but they should lead you up to the harder stuff. I’m probably not best placed to answer as I’m not particularly familiar with the education system here. I would say that if you could handle any maths subjects thrown at you so far you should be OK.

80% of what you learn in your degree you won’t end up using anyway. Happy to answer any questions if you want to PM me.

Civil engineers design buildings that stand up, but you wouldnt want to live in
Architects design buildings that you’d love to live in, but fall down.

  • Direct quote from my C.Eng Dad.

Except the pay is shit

Better than Civ Eng.

I don’t do it for the pay, I do it so I appear more interesting at dinner parties.

Really? I do it cause I like doing fucking door schedules…

(not really)