Clamont conversion.

I wasn’t going to post my bike but I figure I enjoy looking at other people’s bikes, may as well share!

Frame is a Geoff Scott Clamont of Columbus, not sure which type. Columbus dropouts also. Frame was pink and had some womans name (and paint colours) texta’d inside the steerer so it might be a custom order? Who knows.
Frame was pretty tattered but otherwise good condition. One of the brake guides was shagged so I took them all off and left the other braze-ons.
She came with a mixed bag of components but mostly 600ex so I sourced and hand polished the rest of the same group because I think panto’d 600 is sexy as hell!
I stripped the frame to bare and had the forks and rear triangle chromed then painted it in my shed but I screwed the clear so it isn’t quite as shiny as I would have liked. Not bad for my first attempt though.

Frame: Geoff Scott Clamont 52cmish square.
Wheelset: Velocity Deep-V machined, formula hubs, Fyxation Session 23c.
Drivetrain: Shimano 600 cranks, TA Alize track 48t chainring, 19t Soma cog, Izumi chain.
Bars: Cinelli Critirium, Fyxation grips.
Stem: Cinilli 1R.
Headset: Shimano 600ex ‘sealed’.
Seatpost: Shimano 600ex ‘aero’.
Saddle: San Marco Concor MAX.
Pedals: Shimano 600ex.
Brakes: Shimano 600ex, not fitted.
Misc: Shimano 600ex DT shifters to protect the brazeons (and for style).


updated pics!

This build is spot on imo, very nice work!

Nice build! Sorta reminds me of my brothers bike

Who done the chroming? Are you planning to run it geared eventually? That 600 group is nice

This is a very good conversion. Nice work.

I like good conversions. And I like this

How do you sleep at night? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a lot. Only because it’s so nice I’m going to say that the bars should just be rotated out a bit IMO, but apart from that, can’t fault it.

Don’t worry you’ll have an opurtunity to do the rear again very soon. Veloflex are beautiful tires but not suited to fixed street riding.

I’d like to see some better quality pics, but it certainly looks the goods. Looks a bit weird still having the levers (gear)on, if only for safety.

I like it a lot! I think the gear levers are a nice touch. I was tossing up to put some on my merckx conversion and seeing them on yours seals the deal.

I like this.

I think ‘road’ bars should have ‘road’ tape, but apart from that… great stuff. Nice colour too.

Thank you all for the kind words.
I dunno if I will ever go back to road, but depends if I find another frame I like to ride fixed in the street. But worth keeping the option open saving the braze-ons.
The chroming was done at ace metal finishings here in Adelaide for a bargain. Finish isn’t perfect but on my budget it’s hard to complain.
As for the veloflex, certainly not my ideal choice! But I just go easy on the skids… Otherwise a comfortable tire.
Leather half grips purely aesthetic choice over practicality, it’s what I wanted so I did. Putting track drops on a roadie more of a sin, no? Criterium bars have a bit of track flavour I think anyways so a nice middleground.

I’m most excited to paint again actually, I reproduced the Clamont decals just haven’t got around to printing.

Really nice simple conversion. Even like that the gear levers are still on.

Yeah, you’re going to want a money tree out the back if that is your street tyre of choice.

Everyone’s already said it. Nice. Were there top tube braze-on cable guides that you removed or didnt it have any to begin with?

I agree with Criteriums being “track-ish”. Cinelli Pista bars are only 39cm wide, so apparently track riders would use Cinelli Criteriums if they wanted wider bars.

I’ve only ever ridden track on criteriums, my bike came with them and the curve works fine for the always in the drops of track racing.

this is nice

Good tasteful conversion.

My comment would be make sure you keep the Shimano 600 parts together for when you put gears back on this thing (trust me).

Nice bike as others have said.

I have a Clamont that I’m slowly building up for myself, one that I’m tidying up for my dad to ride, and a Geoff Scott for my girlfriend, can’t keep away from them for some reason.