cleaning black brake pad marks off red velocity rims

Is it ok to use something like metho?


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I didn’t think it was s tupid question at all Gypsy.
I just wanted some advice as to what would clean the marks off without damaging the rims.
You’re making yourself look preety stupid I’d reckon by chasing me around the forum.

Ok, chillout everyone.

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Metho* works good. It leaves a little residue so your brakes might squeal a bit for the first few stops if you don’t get it all wiped off. Give your pads a light sand as well.

*also good for saddle sores

metho works shit compared to BIG KEV’S Goo Remover

Just so you know…especially you Gypsy (ghey’est name I’ve heard)

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In this thread; (WTT): Red rims for black rims.

A can of Brake Cleaner is what you need.

Cleaning products from beyond the grave???


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