cleaning matte black paint..

Any tips? mine is filthy… and I really don’t want to damage the paint.

mr sheen

I just use that spray and wipe armourall stuff on my bikes. Gloss and matte.

Just don’t use any abrasive scrubbers or scourers on the paint.

Carefully. Just water and not too much rubbing.
I had a matte green mtb and where I used to sit on the top tube it ended up gloss after being polished by my arse.

I’ll go at it extremely carefully I guess, I’ve got a microfibre cloth, should do it. I really need to post a picture, this shit if filthy. Mud and grass and all kinds of shit. I should probably get some clip fenders too.

wash with normal soapy water

spray lightly with aussie export water dispersant & wipe down

I went with my boss to Mercedes to get his van serviced and they had a SLS (I think) in matte grey on the showroom floor. The owner had purchased it, but left it on the floor because he didn’t want bird shit on it. The Merc people were saying to only wash with clean water, no detergents. It also cost some ridic price for the paint, I think 20 grand from memory.
This was about 12 months ago at the Merc dealer in the Valley.

How do you tell if a black bike is dirty anyway?

Yeah Gordy i was chatting to the owner of Hoppy’s car wash, he said he only uses very mild detergent these days and ph neutral, He was saying all the top end cars are being very specific on paint care.

My bikes get,

Dry clean only on steel bikes, mainly silicone spray or mr sheen.
Carbon roadie, silicon spray or a carefull soap sponge and silicone spray.
Mtb just what ever

Very easily, and its worse than it looks.

Nah, I’m way too lazy to clean his bike. I’m hard pressed to clean my own!

warm water with a tiny drop of washing detergent

VUPLEX for stubborn stains.

This all sounds great but. I’ve got a histogram (matt) with a leader fork (matt) and I get it filthy all the time and just wash the thing with cheap car wash stuff and a car wash sponge bit of a hose n a chamois NO DRAMAS! Yeah avoid the green side of the yellow/green sponge and alike and heres a hot tip: NEVER USE “JIF” CREAM ON ANYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR EVER, speaking from experience.

baby wipes are awesome.

My old matte black commuter only got a few cleans and it got heaps muddier/dirtier than that. CT18 truckwash and water and a cheap 2 dollar hand broom. i let ct18 soak on for an hour or so then wet down and scrub.
The look is matte finish as well and gets the same.

This. Use it on my matte Giant SL1