cleaning parts in a dishwasher?

So for the first time in my life I own a dishwasher. My immediate thought is to use it to put chains, cogs, cranks, hubs, parts etc to clean them… or will the detergent fuck the bearings/rollers (if the part has them)?

don’t use it on hubs. just the soaking will likely cock things up. i also doubt it would really work on cranks and cogs, they are pretty soft(as in their cleaning power). i ould gladly be proven wrong, try it on some cranks!

The actual cleaning won’t be an issue. It’s the dirt/grease that will be washed thru your dishwasher that will be the issue.

if i’ve learned anything from omo ads it’s not to put footy boots in there.
that’s all i know.

I wouldn’t, but don’t let that stop you.

…and please post a picture of the dishwasher filled with components!

I’m thinking it’d be particularly good for chains and cassettes. I’ll see how muddy I can get everything tomorrow at Dirty Deeds then give it a whirl afterwards.

HLC: Aren’t dishwashers designed to remove dirt and grease? Or is food oil/grease considerably different to bike oil/grease that it won’t be dissolved and flushed away?

Oil and grease in food is very different to oil and grease used in/on bikes/cars/machinery.

You wouldnt fill your car up with cooking oil, or deep fry some chips in castrol magnatec even though they are both oils!

Dish washing powder is very caustic, how else do you think you can get things that clean with out doing any work…
Not very good for bike parts.

Use citrus degreaser and a small brush, your chain and cogs will last longer…
Caustic cleaners and alloy=bad… It’ll also strip anodizing pretty quickly…
Dumb idea…

+1! im amazed this thread lasted this long!

You´ve got to be fucking kidding us…

I might try the washing machine and tumble dryer instead.

The detergent is caustic and will pit the aluminium and damage the bearing.
Still trying to work out if you are taking the piss. Stainless steel is alright though and many black powder shooters will put stainless steel barrels through the washer

You should have bought an ultrasonic cleaning bath instead of a dishwasher and handwash your dishes. Or get lots of disposable plates/cups.

Why put just the parts in the dishwasher? Cut your whole bike into a few pieces and wash it all - you can always glue it back together after.

A few S&S couplers and you’re away…

Try some degreaser, elbow grease and a hose. Or buy a parts washer!

Like this?
Rodriguez Six Pack, a six S&S Coupler frame that can fit in a backpack

That is so awesome. How would it ride I wonder. All the couplings would introduce a bit of weight… although if you could carry it in a backpack who fucking cares.

Would be a bloody heavy backpack… whats the good of a frame in a backpack without the rest of the bike any way??

Nice idea. I had it first… when I rebuilt a car engine.

Bike parts don’t really justify it though, the washing machine usually cleans them up nice enough.