clincher and single


Anyone can help explain to me what’s the difference between clincher, single and tubular wheels?
Thanks heaps!!



A single is the same as a tubular.

I’m new to this and not really familiar with terms.

Okay if i’m about to get a spinergy single front wheel for my bicycle, would it be able to fit?
It’s an allegro fork, and currently am using an alexrims clincher wheel.

Because there is 2 different way you could mound a wheel to the fork, right?
One is to just simply put it on and retighten it with a key,
and the other one is the one that you can put on and off easily (the one that is normally on road bikes)…

Have you theeeen my baaaaaseball?


But seriously, or

8 Spoke Spinergy? Check the spoke - rim interface for cracks.

By single, you mean tubular, not half of a pair right?

It’ll either be 28", which is the same size as 700C for rim diameter, or 650C, a smaller wheel sometimes used on tri bikes. Both will fit, if it’s 28" it’ll be the same as your current wheel, if it’s 650C it’ll be smaller, brakes won’t reach, geometry will be messed up (but you can barspin!)

Tubulars are available for both. Get a Continental gatorskin to minimise puncture probability.

Mounting: either bolt on with hex nuts (eg track hub) or Allen bolts (eg Phil hub), or clamp on with quick release (eg most road/mtb hubs these days). Front hubs/forks are usually 100mm spaced, normally only old cheap bikes, or exceptions like folders and the Pugsley have different spacing. Not an issue for you.

It’s a 700C rev-x and the seller said it’s a quick release wheel.
My fork is an allegro onya’s. So it’ll fit without any problems, right?
Thanks, Blakey!!

Tubular vs clincher is about how the tyres mount to the rim. It has no impact on how the wheel fits to the fork. Your fork and the Spinergy will both be 100mm wide (like most other front wheels) so the wheel will fit in the frame. But bear in mind what Blakey said about brakes not reaching a 650c rim.

Here’s a more important question you need to ask yourself:

If your single/tubular tyre had a flat, do you know how to fix it?

You raise your hand and wait for the team car. :sunglasses: (Seriously, if you’re not used to using tubulars either ride like Heatseeker-Ali or get used to paying someone to glue them / patch them / replace them)

Reposting this, but inspect your wheel for damage regularly and don’t go “Mashing” on it if you like the way you look now: