clunking from rear of schwinn madison

Hey guys/girls

I picked up a Schwinn Madison last week and im getting some clunking from the rear end of the bike. It only clunks when i pedal and the clunking doesnt generally get worse with speed but gets worse with increases in load(pedaling up hills). Is this a chain tension issue? Lubrication? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


either tension is too tight or u need to lube the chain…so I guess u can losen the chain and lube it up.

Hi, I think you probably need a new one of these.


Sounds like the chain tension is too tight.
Don’t be afraid to loosen the chain somewhat- it doesn’t look as ‘cool’ but the drivetrain will perform a lot better. You’d be surprised how loose you can run a chain before it slips off.

Another potential cause for clunking noises is a new rear sprocket/new chain or mixing new and old.

I’d have a look at the BB as well. It’s surprising what a dodgy BB can manifest as.

Are you running the bike fixed or SS?

im Running it as SS not fixed. Sorry pardon my ignorance im a newbie to SS/fixies but what is the BB? bottom bracket?

im just aboutto go and loosen the chain and take it for a ride, wish me luck!

Sorry! Yes bottom bracket.

Good luck.

could be the free wheel i know the shimano ones make a subtle clunk clunk clunk and when you peddle back a few times it stops