clutched CX question

Anyone here run a SRAM type 2 RD with doubletap levers? (…AL?)

Just wanting to hear what the shifter feel is like with the clutched RD. Is shifting really heavy and feels like the shifters are gonna snap or are they fine and not so different from a regular RD?

Thanks in advance.


Fine fine fine. Little heavier but not crazy.

National champion LJ has one on her bike still fwiw. No cx1 there yet.

Quewl. Cheers Blakey.

Will be racing in Hamilton next month - first cross race since Melbs. Excited and nervous :o.

I’m a newly converted fan as well. The resulting silence is golden.

This groupset excites me

Just in case anyone searches the same query, I thought I better give some follow up.

Yup. All good, great even! Running good quality low-friction gear cables I would say that you would hardly tell any difference in shifting. 1x10 is golden!

Thought this should go here:

I’m now turning my Singular SSCX into 1x10, I have a wolf tooth NW at the front, and now picking a rear derailleur.

Most probably going to run a dura ace bar end shifter for gear duties, maybe shakes at some later stage.

Would this all be compatible with a shimano zee 10 speed clutched derailleur?

If you want drop bar clutched and you aren’t king of the cnc buying freds. You have exactly two off the shelf options.

CX1 with 11 or 10 sp sram shakes
x7/x9/x0 type 2 short [1] cage with 11 or 10sp sram shakes

[1] for 2x, medium cage is a must, exploding mechs otherwise, I only just made it work with 36/46 - 11-28 and it wasn’t pretty.

You can hack a shimano mech to change the cable pull, it’s been covered here elsewhere. But really, find some sram shakes and go that way.

Will just go the x7/10speed shakes option, seems like it’ll rough out only a bit more expensive.

Thanks HAL

x7 is cheaper and lighter, but x9 will last you longer

Could I just run a 10 speed road derailleur and not have a clutch? Stupid question, but would the clutch +NW ring be overkill if the worst I’d be riding it on is firetrails?

Actually - dumb question to add #2132

…Will a SRAM bar end 10 speed shifter work?

Yes should do as all Sram is 1-1 ratio on gear pull,
Why do you want bar end are you running drop bars and canti brakes? If so just go shakes

totally, mtbers and rough stuff riders and biektourists have been doing it for decades.

You can get a shimano shadow 9sp mech which will work with shimano 7-10sp indexed shifters. this gives you medium cage plus a little more chain tension, plus the mech is out of the way of debris.

International update | Chain Reaction.

And if you do end up dumping the chain occasionally, just get a cheap front mech and lock it out over the chainring.

Fixed. 8/9/11 sram mtb does not apply.

What about gevanelle?


“Thanks to Roller Bearing Clutch featuring a revised cage pin the SRAM X9 TYPE 2.1 derailleur eliminates more effectively bounce and chain slap without sacrificing precision.”

Type 2.1 has a pin in the clutch housing:

Type 2.0 doesn’t

Why no to gevenalle?

combination of microshift, retroshift (gevenalle), exposed cables, questionable ergonomics and at least 15 different kinds of stupid?

Can’t shift from the drops
Can’t use the brake QR
Cable routing
Costs as much/more than a new set of 5700/Rival shakes