Clutched CX setups

1x11 clutched CX group is closer:

Spotted: SRAM 1x11 CX1 cyclocross group -

Spy Shot: Prototype SRAM XX1 CX Group Spotted at Cincy3 CX Fest

IIRC, the ‘22’ mechs have the same ratio as the old ten sp road mechs, so the short or medium cage CX1 clutched mech will be a better solution for 10sp CX setups than the x0/x9/x7 type 2. (edit: link)

The short cage MTB mech is run outside of it’s capacity (but works, just) with a 2x10 CX setup (eg 36/46 and 11-27), ideally a medium should be used, remains to be seen if the short CX1 mech is the same or if it can handle 2x10/2x11, either way the parallelogram should follow the cassette better.

So, if i understand what you’re saying, when the short cage cx clutched derailer arrives it will be a better option than a short-caged x9 clutched derailer.

What is the difference in design there?

Edit: apart from the fact that x9 will only work as a 1x10 and the cx1 will be 1x11

10sp mechs might work with 11sp, as long as they have the lateral movement.

the parallelogram is likely to follow the cassette closer in the CX1 mech as it’ll be designed for 11-28 cassettes, not 11-34. Better chain wrap.

What are SRAM going to do as a ‘dummy’ left lever?

They already have cable SS levers in alloy and carbon. A hydro will follow.

Can someone explain ‘clutched’ to me please? I am not familiar with anything to do with MTB. Thank you.

Is it likely they will be sold as matching sets to the general public?
SRAM seems to be the only ones interested in doing this and have the products already in place.
I’ve just never seen the current offering as a 1x10 matching shifter/dummy set.

Tech Tuesday - Inside Shimano’s Shadow Plus Mech and How To Adjust It - Pinkbike

SRAM Type 2 Rear Derailleur - First Ride - Pinkbike - go down a bit

They explain better than I could.

Essentially it helps with chain retention on bumpy ground, reduces chain slap and improves shifting over rough ground too apparently.

Thanks bud, afternoon reading sorted.

Cool. With this and internal hub gears it looks like the future here for most recreational and practical bike drivetrains as well as some deviations from the normal double racing set up. This is great news & I can see so many promising gear options around the corner.

A little more background reading leads me to believe it could be even better than that. Apparently the CX1 will only accept a single front ring, cause its based on the XX1 and X01 derailer design. The ‘X-horizon’ paralellogram design is indeed supposed to stay very close to the cassette.

Might still be designed around a largest rear > 28. The XX1 with its 42 rear being a close relative and all.

Parallelogram angle has nothing to do with number of chainrings. The cage length does.

as per the article

The short cage will be compatible with up to a 28-tooth cassette, and the long (this is a typo, should be medium) cage will fit a 32-tooth. Unlike its mountain bike cousins, the CX1 group will rely on road cassettes that are currently available,

Not in a traditional design, no.

Just pointing out that the parallellogram is not just different from X9 in terms of maximum cassette size but also more fundamentally. Its X-horizon derailleur design has no vertical travel of the upper pulley and is only available in their 1x11 drivetrain. And I think that is because it will not work in a 2x10 setup, unlike the x9 clutched derailleur.

Wouldn’t it be hard to use this design

in a 2x10 setup given the additional chain length?

But the XX1 design is limited to (optimised for) 1 cassette only in a 1x11 setup, and the guff about the CX1 says it’s for existing road cassettes, which means varying tooth ranges, so it doesn’t sound like it’s using the x-horizon design, and the pics aren’t clear enough to tell with certainty. CX1 is aimed at a 1x11 setup too, but changing from an 11-28 to a 12-32 would require a different profile to follow it correctly.

If you try to 2x10 with an x-horizon the upper jockey will be a long way from the cassette when you’re in the big ring, as the cage rotates anticlockwise going from small->big.

It’s all speculation so far anyway. waiting and seeing. 2x10 X9T2 is fine for me for now.

Ah yes the XX1 and X01 can only use the 10-42 cassette.

In that case maybe the Bikerumour article is just plain wrong where it says “The derailleur appears to be fairly standard with the Cage Lock function and X-Horizon design”

XX1/X01 is for a 1x** system. cassette size can vary as they still have a B-limit adjust screw. above picture shows x-horizon mech, and the crank also has the “1” symbol used on XX1/X01.
not to mention it’s only ever been seen behind a single chainring…

clutched isn’t entirely necessary with a larger chainring and short cage mech though. i have a narrow-wide CX ring with 11-28 cassette and rival short cage mech. chain has never so much as hinted as coming off.

I’m not entirely sure what getting at? xx1/x01 only offer 10-42 cassettes, there’s no other option, so the system is optimised for that profile, there’s no way that a normal xx1 mech will have enough b screw adjustment to work with an 11-27.

The mech/cranks in the new photos that I just posted are cx specific ones, note the barrel adjuster to work with the sram shakes and 5 bolt cranks. So whilst it’s got the horizon style parallelogram, it’ll have been modified to work with road cassette profiles.

i was refering to CX1 or whatever it may be called, not implying the XX1/X01 mech is being used. CX1 will obviously be suited to smaller cassettes, along with the barrel adjuster you mention, and will still have a B limit screw to adjust for different cassette ranges.

Nothing new, included for completion:
SRAM CX1 1x11 cyclocross drivetrain - First look - BikeRadar

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