Clydesdale fork

Hello FOA, I just got a Clydesdale fork, woo!

  • I want to run those Maxxis 20x2.3" tires and fenders. Is there such a fender that can clear this tire or should I re-radius a fat 700c fender?
  • Rims?! Anyone have experience with the cheapo Ryde Andra 40 rims on Bike24 or should I just go with Velocity?

I’d just go velocity or Alex rims as they are easy and cheap locally.

Get an LBS to order or build you a wheel.

A 20" wheel is gonna be pretty damn strong… Could have a go at building one yourself.

No idea about guards sorry.

Ta Mike, just got something from Omafiets. Alex rims I think.

Re: guards - yea, a 20x2.3 fender is pretty niche. Has anyone had any experience re-radiusing fenders? Hmmm

Re: fenders. There must be something around that can be usable. They make them for Bromptons, there must be something wide for 20"…


Bluemels 20" for 60mm tyres. Should work?

New cargobikepacking rig?

See if you can find out what these guys use for the front fenders on their Bullit builds maybe? The tyres they use are a bunch smaller than you want but might be worth a shot if you can wait out the time difference…

Google’s telling me that they’re the Bluemels 20" :slight_smile:

Ty Jono and partsdepartment.

Ordering those Bluemels :slight_smile:

Yup! 2.0" tire at rear, going to be so sick

Go deep dish carbon Tom!

I am going to pull the trigger on one of these forks. Just trying to make a decision between 1" and 1 1/8". I could swap the 1" straight into my Shogun Metro, but it might be a bit boring. Otherwise I have MikeD’s old Dodsun that’s 1 1/8" and would make a totally rad build. I’d have to get a few bits and pieces to do it, and the time, and then I’d have another bike so… Hmmm…


IMG_20170223_170029_059 by WestcoastPete, on Flickr

Dodsun (MikeD’s build. I have it as a frameset out on the deck):

I’ve also got a rad GT Borrego frameset too with appropriate fork length and 1 1/8" headset. The paint is a bit ratty, but it’s no big deal. Steel GT frames are obviously totally rad, and they look sick with these forks I reckon.

My headtube isn’t as long as that one. The Dodsun might be a slightly better fit for me too, but this one would work.


Go 1 1/8 I reckon Pete, more future-proof.

The future? All the best bikes are 1" Jono…

Sorry, I forgot myself there for a second.


When you get the Bluemels in, contemplate cutting down the rear to fit the front, as the fronts just don’t seem to cover enough of the wheel.

Doesn’t quite make it to 9 o’clock, when it’d be much better at 8 or even 7 o’clock, yet still retain the 1 to 2 o’clock positioning on the top.

Dodsun or GT, Pete! Agree the GT looks best with these forks. I spent ages tracking down one in my size and gave up.

Ty for tip Geoff!

My build is going to be pretty rad :slight_smile:

I have all these baller parts lying around for it: Sim Works Get Around bars, fillet brazed stem by Sean Killen, Gilles Berthoud saddle etc. All going on a Long Haul Trucker, ha.

Oh, I guess I have another question - what box?

A 40mm wide BMX rim, in gold, could be an option!?

I’ve been thinking about this too. Those postie boxes are pretty good and light, but they’re pretty wind blocking. One of those big Wald baskets? Just a platform and a canvas bag/straps? One of these giant 80L Bicicapace bags?

Fisheries crate with drain holes drilled in it