collectibles - coppi, bobet and other posters

Again putting these up for a friend (more goods from the startline closedown), on the off chance there’s an informed collector of classics out there. If interested call Caren or Liz on 9591 0313 before C.O.B 28th

Framed original posters from their era. Crappy phone photos don’t do them justice.

Louison Bobet and Fausto Coppi posters are from the french cycling paper “Cyclisme” of the early 50’s, flip sides of both have other classic rider pics and french race results. $250 (each) asking. Both are about the size of the Age newspaper.

These next ones are original event posters from the 1966 frankfurt 6-day and the '66 world Radball champs. $150 (each) asking. Each about the size of the Herald-Sun