Colnago! [UPDATED 18/4/09]

My Coffee Shop Whip!

1980’s Colnago Pista
Campagnolo Special ‘Colnago’ Pantographed cranks.
Sugino NJS BB
Campagnolo Seat Post
Turbo Saddle
KMC Cool Chain
Velocity Aerohead Wheelset (oldschool)
3T Stem (100mm)
Cinelli Drops
Black Grips (Cut the caps off em.)

Borrowed the Aerospoke for the Thursday night ride. Is it a crime?

Chain makes cthulhu cry but other than that very nice!

Where on Earth did you find that? I am amazed there are still sweet rides being found.

puts on borats voice


2m x 3m backshed over southside @ Wishart. Scored a 36H Dura Ace Tubular Wheelset aswell with it + some tools and NOS campy toe cages.

nice! looks bigger than 56cm.

Nice nice

but ditch the pink chain…do it for Ernesto.

There have been some seriously nice bikes on here lately. This is no exception!

Perhaps just get a pink aero.spoke to match the chain… :wink:

Sweet ride Gypo, can’t wait to see it in the flesh. Man that is some tight clearance between the front wheel and the down tube! If that wheel goes out of radial true you’ll know about it!

Just saw it in the flesh :-o sexy sexy stuff. All that panto makes me froth at the mouth.

beautiful! tight forks and chainstays look equally cool. fricken ayyy where do u pick this stuff up Gyppo?

He’s a dirty gypo. They have ways :roll:

thats an awesome bike, how much did you pay for that?

lol, a true gypo will NEVER divulge their tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

how much? yawn…

Have you read ‘The Little Prince’?

Classic! I’ve got the road version.


nice potato :wink:

In my opinion the Aerospoke should be promptly returned to its owner. That frame is a masterpiece.

dan you forgot to add in “let the hate begin” with that updated pic :smiley: