Colo River excursion EOI


Colo River Excursion, Sunday 24 September, 8:00 am rollout from Tractor 828

Starting from Tractor 828, we will ride south towards Windsor before taking some backjroads and gravel sections towards East Kurrajong. We will then cross over to Blaxlands Ridge and follow it up to Comleroy Road. This gravel road will drop down and cross Wheeny Creek, before climbing 200m up and over to the upper Colo River. Then we follow Upper Colo Road, Lower Colo Road and West Portland road back to the Csfe for lunch.

The roads to Blaxlands Ridge will be new to me, they look quiet and narrow with gravel sections and sort pinches as the terrain slowly rises up to around 200m. There will be a creek crossing or two, so expect some pinch climbing. After hitting the Colo River, it’s some of the best riding around on the valley roads.

All up it is looking like being just a bit over 75 kms with a bit over 900 metres vertical for the ride. A reasonable distance on the gravel, but no so much to be wrecked for work and family commitments. I’m expecting a relaxed pace.

Tractor 828 opens at 7:00 for coffee, and is about 16k from Windsor, so doable by public transport.

Original EOI:
After Gravel for Dummies (Jono’s ride) I was thinking about another excursion in the region, and linking up some different gravel sections.

Staring at Windsor, taking a gravelly route north west to East Kurrajong and Comleroy Road, cross Wheeny Creek and ride over the ridge to the Colo River. Then on to more familiar ground, follow the river back to West Portland Road, Sackville, lunch at the Tractor 828 cafe, and back to Windsor.

Its looking at being 90-100 kilometres, a bit of climbing in the first half, less so in the second, plenty of unsealed roads.

I’m thinking about September 24 at this point.

This is appealing to me. I’ll check the family schedule etc.

Pretty Keen, the FB Bumpand Grind Crew are also organising a upper Colo trip that weekend but as an Overnighter, So I might try and meet up with both,

Keen. A Sunday day trip is a lot more doable than an overnighter at the moment.

Keen too (if I have my CX bike until then what is currently the plan).

I didn’t know there was a bump and grind, but really an overnighter is not doable for me either.

I’ll check the route and confirm details for this by Monday

This seems appealing. (Maybe) in.

Pretty much definitely in for this, barring emergencies or similar. What sort of time are you thinking of meeting at Windsor?

My CX bike is due to arrive this week so its looking good.

Yeah, I’m good to go for this. I was thinking that an 8:00 roll out would be a good compromise between not being too early, but having enough time to get home at a reasonable hour.

Also, unless anyone is catching the train, the Tractor 828 cafe might be a good point to start and finish?

If it means avoiding that bit of road between the Tractor and Windsor then I’m all for it.

Yep, it cuts out a chunk of busier roads just out of Windsor brings the distance down to under 80ks which would be good because there is still more than. 900 metres climbing all up.

So looking at tractor 828 for the start. Will update the front page later.

I’ll be keen for this! but getting the train however. there’s a train that gets into windsor at 6:50am should be plenty of time to ride the 16km to tractor 828 by 8am

How road bike friendly is this ride?

If the descent down to colo rivers wooden bridge is involved id say doable but expect punctures perhaps.

The roads are pretty dry and dusty at the moment, so I think you’d want some biggish tyres for the looser bits.

I think I’ll drive, but either way Tractor 828 sounds good.

By the way the guys on the Graveleur Facebook page are doing basically the same ride this Saturday. Their route map includes some interesting little back road detours that might be worth checking out.

Sweet, I’ll bring the focus.

Sorry to be a scab - you reckon I could car pool? Can provide some fuel money and okayish banter.

First post updated with the details.

Cam, the cafe opens at 7:00 so that should be good timing for a ride out and a coffe.

The gravel sections on Comleroy road will be the roughest, most roads are doable on a road bike, it’s just a case of slowing down and picking your way through rough stuff to avoid punctures.

Just checked the Graveleur route, we’ll be on the north side of Windsor and Richmond, new roads for me, but the look promising.

The Gravyleur ride is this weekend I think.

Looking forward to this btw. Need to get some climbing in my legs before the Newcastle ride.